Space Flight Background Haipeng Chen Dong why to conduct medical isolation for 22 days?

10:30 today, Shenzhou 11 astronauts Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong in Beijing Aerospace City astronauts apartment and the media to meet to introduce the Shenzhou 11 mission. This is their November 18 return to Earth after the first public appearance. In the 33 days of space flight, the two men for a period of 3 weeks of medical recovery, the current state of good.

This is the third time to complete the Shenzhou Shen Jing-Haipeng task, compared with the previous 14-day isolation period, the isolation time is longer. It is understood that the isolation of astronautics during the two astronauts astronauts psychological and physiological performance indicators to recover, mainly through physical therapy, Chinese medicine conditioning, and progressive movement, to restore to pre-flight state.

How long this isolation?

“Longest flight” after the isolation period increased to 22 days

The reporter noted that, in general, the medical isolation period of 2 weeks and 14 days, and the end of the mission, the two astronauts for 22 days medical isolation before public appearance.

At 17:30 on October 17, carrying the Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft Long March II F-11 carrier rocket launched in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Two astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong will start a 33-day space trip, which is China’s longest time so far a space flight.

Previously, September 29, 2008, Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming, Jing Haipeng successful completion of the task of God, by plane back to Beijing from Hohhot. Three astronauts back to the ground after the emergence of varying degrees of weight loss, especially the astronaut Zhai Zhigang out of the cabin, due to physical exertion, weight loss was the most.

After returning to Beijing, the three astronauts and family members can not be immediately reunited, but had to live on 14 days of medical isolation, a series of physical examination and rehabilitation training. Huang Weifen, deputy chief architect of China’s astronaut system, said three astronauts after nearly a month of convalescence, you can resume normal activities.

In addition, in 2012, the end of 13 days of God nine space flight astronaut Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang, Liu Yang returned to the astronauts in the Beijing Aerospace City apartment, also conducted a 2-week medical isolation.

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