State-owned banks were cheated more than 10 billion yuan, vice president of customers When the “should be”

Recently, Yunnan Star Changzheng Investment Development Holdings Co., Ltd. was accused of fraud in the Agricultural Bank of China branch in Kunming Spring City loans, acceptance bills of up to 10 billion yuan. The defendant was charged by a bank customer department deputy manager to do “should be”, plus fake contracts, false real estate license and other false materials, from state-owned banks cheat huge amounts of money. Reporters survey found that the case exposed some of the current state-owned banks in the supervision of a great loophole.

Collusion with the bank vice president of customer fraud

This year in October, the case of cheating loans in Kunming, Yunnan Province, Wuhua District Court hearing, is still awaiting sentencing.

According to the prosecution allegations, only in 2013 August to 2015 January, the long march company in the Agricultural Bank of China branch in Kunming spring city has made six loans totaling 270 million yuan, 34 bank acceptance bill of 990 million yuan. Finally, the loan was only 30 million yuan, acceptance of the deposit to pay 270 million yuan.

Reporters learned from the prosecution, the company suspected of cheating in the Spring City Branch of the amount of money far more than these. Star Long Zheng company submitted to the bank’s contract, real estate license, bank receipts are false, even for individual mortgages before the mortgage has also been to other banks.

The case was prosecuted by the Procuratorial Office of Spring City Branch, Deputy Manager Li Ning. As “should be”, he is a key case of fraud occurred.

In accordance with the provisions of the client to apply for loans, the bank must have at least two people to investigate the application materials, the amount of large but also set up an investigation team, issued a survey report. Star Long Zheng’s attorney in the trial pointed out that, in fact, this link more than a person for Li Ning. In the 28 pen acceptances of the investigation report, there are 25 investigators and investigators are not responsible for the signature, signature.

In the collection of mortgage real estate, land of the other part of his warrants should be the person in charge of the bank to the Housing Authority or Land Bureau to receive. But a number of witness testimony that the Spring City Sub-branch has sent several employees to the provinces to take him to the warrants to the local time is working, they directly from the company’s manager of a long march where he took away his warrants, the second Days did not go to the Land Bureau to verify the authenticity of his warrants.

An employee at the Spring City Sub-branch, who served as a reviewer of the loan, admitted in a witness testimony that he had never done any of the lending business. The reason for his presence as a censor was that he had not given enough information to the bank. Li Ning, completed by the review of Li Ning. In other words, Li Ning is essentially investigating people, but also review people.

The use of system vulnerabilities inflated credit lines

As a result of multiple loans and issuing bank acceptance bills, the original long credit line of credit is not enough. The prosecution allegations show that, in response to this problem, Spring City Branch, Li Ning, deputy manager of the customer department in the banking system changed the amount of the company’s long margin of the margin, inflated its credit line. Li Ning has to the company issued 110 million yuan of loans, issued more than 700 million yuan bank acceptance.

According to the survey, Li Ning using the bank software system itself loopholes to complete the operation. According to the provisions of the Agricultural Bank, the acceptance of the amount of the bond with the credit line is associated, for example, deposit 100% of the deposit, do not take credit line. Li Ning with the bank credit management system “manual registration” function, the original star long Zhengzheng only pay 20% -30% of the deposit, directly into 100%. This frees up the original line of credit for the issuance of new banker’s acceptance bills.

From the bank issued to the police to see the relevant note, supplementary acceptance of the deposit required to go through the approval, review and other aspects, and does not belong to the “manual registration” range. But surprisingly, Li Ning in the additional margin, not only did not pass the examination and approval, and can use the “manual registration” function to change. It is understood that the “manual registration” function due to a wider business scope, account managers have the right to manually approve registration.

Li Ning said in court, in October 2012 he first operated a false insurance, this behavior has continued for several years, until the Spring City Branch of the Long March after the exposure of risk events, the Agricultural Bank of China Yunnan Branch of the business department before closing the area of all customers Manager of the manual approval of the right to registration, and in May this year, the province’s manual registration authority.

Banks found that the problem is not corrected in time

Prosecution allegations show that the long march through the subordinate three companies divided into four designated Li Ning bank account transferred to the commission of 3 million yuan.

“Bank continued to do not fulfill the basic obligations, is to deceive the laissez-faire.” In the trial, the star long sign company lawyer Yang name refers to the problem of the existence of the bank.

According to the survey, the Agricultural Bank of China after the discovery of the problem, the correction is not timely enough. Several bank employees testimony that: in June 2014, the Agricultural Bank of China head office in the organization inspection found the letter of the Long March Group letter of credit more than 20 million yuan, but did not get to the bottom of this issue. At the end of January 2015, when the review was conducted on the Galaxy Group contract, the first draft of the survey report referred to the issue of over-credit, but the final formal report did not mention that. A bank staff testimony, this time the long march of the super credit amount has reached 220 million yuan.

Yunnan Banking Regulatory Bureau, said the case revealed that the bank’s internal control is weak, compliance awareness and other issues. Banking Regulatory Bureau has repeatedly interviewed the Agricultural Bank of Yunnan branch of the main person in charge, as of now has been the total supervision of the Bank of 34 people in the implementation of accountability. Yunnan Banking Regulatory Bureau will also be the next step in accordance with the law responsible for the case and the relevant banking institutions for administrative penalties.

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