Students from rural primary school

Ink drying c was the first student to get to school and most students late for school, because he was all, “only” a pupil.

“In addition to the lack of students is not lacking! “Wuzhai County of Shanxi province next to the former Baolin Li opened from the inside of the central primary school primary school in the gates of the lock up said,” in fact hardware in our school are very good and various ancillary facilities are complete. ”

Here is located in the loess hills of Northwestern Shanxi, belongs to the countries with poor area counties, but the former Central elementary school next to wuzhai County, it seems conditions are really bad, brightly colored 3-storey look is refreshing. Only make people feel “wrong” is the campus was empty, not popularity.

Former Central Elementary is a miniature. From Shanxi, Ningxia, Chongqing, Hunan and Fujian province, … … A rural primary school “job cuts surge” being acceleration across the country, multi track system (multiple classes in a grade) in yard, only one or more students in a class, or even only one student in a school, “hollow” is a rash.

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