Sun accounts for more than 70 affiliated university colleges and universities spend over ten billion four

The Beijing News (Reporter Shalu) Recently, more than 70 colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education announced the 2015 annual departmental accounts. The total revenue from the accounts, the Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Beijing University and Shanghai Jiaotong University ranking, and the total amount of revenue and expenditure of these four universities over ten billion yuan, Tsinghua University has more than 20 billion yuan, far ahead of other universities .

March 30, 2010, the Ministry of Education approved the “Higher Education Information Disclosure Measures”, and came into force on September 1, 2010. This approach requires disclosures of financial assets and financial management system, school funding, the annual budget and final accounts and so on, time to complete the information disclosed or produced within 20 working days from the date of obtaining.

In 2014, the Ministry of Education announced the “information disclosure matters Universities list” open matters include 10 categories and 50 items, including total revenue and expenditure sheet, income statement of accounts, expenditure balance sheet, balance sheet and other financial allocation expenses finance, assets and billing information.
Last year, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued a circular requiring all colleges and universities to further refine the scope of public initiative and public directory, do dynamic updates, especially to increase enrollment, finance and other key areas of public information efforts, the initiative to accept external oversight.

So far this year, there are more than 70 affiliated university announced its 2015 annual accounts information disclosure, including schools before 2015, sector accounts statements, notes and accounts statements Glossary four aspects.

1 comprehensive university to do more

Data from the current look has been published in more than 70 colleges and universities reported 2015 annual departmental accounts, the total revenue and expenditure accounts for the top three Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Peking University, respectively, 20.5 billion yuan, 15.6 billion yuan and 140 billion.

And ranked three of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central Conservatory of Music and the Central Academy of Drama, the total revenue and expenditure accounts were 725 million yuan, 5.07 billion yuan and 449 million yuan. Tsinghua University is ranked first 45 times Central Academy of Drama.

In the top 10 colleges and universities, almost all comprehensive university. And after the top 10 universities, the multi-professional class universities, such as Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University and Beijing Language and Culture University, the Central Academy of Art College, Central Conservatory of Music and the Central Academy of Drama Language Universities.

By comparing the basic situation of several colleges and universities found that a number of factors the gap with the teacher, student and other expenses related. Such as Tsinghua University full-time teachers 3395 people, while the play is just 257 full-time teachers.

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