Taiwan users marked the “presidential residence” coordinates propaganda PLA: missiles!

(3) early morning in the social networking site Facebook “2017 recalled Tsai Ing-wen Union”, posted marked “President” official residence of the location and coordinates of the picture, emphasizing the “hit the words, the PLA really dissolution “As long as the four winds, Taiwan can be too peaceful!” “As soon as possible, the government will not be able to do anything,” he said. ”

The netizens on Facebook’s message, attracted some community friends message identity, but also harvest hundreds of praise. However, this posting screenshots are forwarded to the island’s largest BBS forum PTT, but also some friends do not buy it, said the community is not required to use the missile missile quasi-“President” official residence, is to the PLA to kill “Taiwan independence” “No wonder the CCP claimed 100 hours to lay down Taiwan,” he said.

In response, Taiwan’s “presidential palace” spokesman Huang Zhongyan responded that, including threats, including missiles, “national army” has a complete anti-missile capability, to ensure that “people” with the safety of related facilities; “residence” basic position Is not confidential, but users such as standard, “also advocated ‘other countries’ attack their ‘country’, the mentality can indeed be proposed.”

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