The first domestic aircraft carrier latest satellite photo exposure deck layout is more reasonable

Recently, online outgoing Chinese-made 001A aircraft carrier recent satellite photos, indicating that the aircraft carrier has been built, clear-cut. (Acknowledgments: User River Po Bigfoot ason007)

Recently, the news on the Chinese aircraft carrier is particularly dense. On the first Chinese-made aircraft carrier (001A), media reports that the ship has entered the painting stage, the fastest in mid-December to early 2017 will be able to launch water, and online disclosure of the latest satellite photos show that the first domestic carrier hull Basically completed, clear-cut. In addition, just a few days ago, another 12 new pilots formally became carrier-based fighter pilots.

The picture shows the Chinese-made 001A aircraft carrier and Liaoning ship satellite photo contrast, the overall similarity, but the details vary widely. In particular, the ship was significantly reduced the length of the island, to the front empty out a preparation area, to improve the efficiency of the deck, the deck layout is more reasonable.

The end of October, the Ministry of Defense spokesman Wu Qian said that China’s first domestic carrier has completed the design work, the main hull has been closed in the dock molding, equipment installation and outfitting are being carried out construction work.

Earlier, it was reported that China’s first self-developed aircraft carrier is undergoing painting work. And users recently shot to the ongoing work of the aircraft carrier painting. At present, the aircraft carrier is brushing red anti-rust paint bottom, as ships need to sail at sea, salty sea water and air will cause corrosion of the hull, so brush on the multi-layer anti-rust primer is very important.

For the “first Chinese-made aircraft carrier has entered the painting stage, the fastest possible launch in mid-December,” saying Ministry of Defense spokesman Yang Yujun November 30, said the problem of domestic aircraft carrier painting, “I do not grasp the specific circumstances If possible, I also want to go to the scene to see, come back and tell you.

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