The media talk about the urbanization of the storm: the urban population flocked to the small town people empty

City “swollen” town “decline” reflects the difficulties of urbanization

Chinese New Year is coming, 80 after Ronaldinho decided that this year will never even return to the New Year. Leiyang City, Hunan Province, he was born in a village, after graduating from junior high school, to Guangdong to work, then the whole family to buy a house moved into Leiyang City. “We villagers group almost every household in Leiyang city to buy a house, stay in the village to live is some old people.” He told reporters.

Ronaldinho is Leiyang into the city in a microcosm of farmers. “Economic Information Daily” reporter survey within the past year found that the “farmers to buy a house into the city,” the tide, the “barbaric growth” up some of the Midwest bloated urban public services, increased financial burden overwhelmed, and contrast , The majority of towns and townships are accelerating decline.

City swollen: real estate boom under the “city tide”

Located in central China’s Leiyang, Hunan is the largest urban area, urban population, the largest county-level cities. This is “a ‘barbaric growth’ up the city,” some people commented Leiyang urban development.

Leiyang is the focus of county coal production. Since 2000, with the rise of the domestic real estate market, Leiyang set off into the city climax, the main farmers into the city, urban 70% of commercial housing is purchased by farmers into the city. In some villages, there has been almost the whole group, the whole village farmers to buy a large-scale city phenomenon. Followed by a large-scale expansion of Leiyang city, a sharp rise in population.

Leiyang City, a local membership of civil servants told reporters that his home where the villagers group a total of 40 households, only 6 live in the country, and all into the city. It is understood that in the Leiyang street polished shoes, and open a motorcycle passenger, the basic are in the city to buy a house into the city farmers.

Many cheap “small property room”, also reduced the Leiyang farmers into the city threshold. In the early years of the development process of the village, the planning and management of the local government was lagging behind a lot of land acquisition and demolition after the village collective and the villagers, the resettlement land to “build on the four flowering”, resulting in the city’s accumulated small property increase.

Because a lot of taxes and fees are not paid, facilities are not complete, so small property prices are cheap. According to a number of local people to reporters, in 2000, in Leiyang city center to buy a small property prices for 300-400 yuan, the same lot was the price of 500 to 600 yuan. Today, Leiyang real estate average price per square meter in 3000 yuan, small property prices ranging from about 1000-1500 yuan.

And let the children to accept the education of the city, it is Leiyang farmers into the city motive “the greatest common divisor.” The civil servants, told reporters that the city’s resource allocation is still much better than the countryside, especially education. Rural parents, and some prefer to buy a house in the city rub shoes, but also to the city to train children to study.

A large number of urban population for the Leiyang created a commercial prosperity, derived a large number of employment opportunities. “In the city to buy a house feel at ease, I am also the city people, Leiyang farmers is this idea, but also to face.” For this analysis, Ronaldinho said: “Everyone into the city, An old man still living in the countryside, you keep a young man, but also embarrassed.

Town decline: people go to empty industry bad

And Leiyang city accelerated expansion of the development of the opposite picture, it is the acceleration of the decline of small local towns trend. Ronaldinho’s hometown of righteousness, located in the southeast corner of Leiyang City. Visit the town of Dayi Town, the reporter found that the main street behind a commercial building of Huizhou Street, the vast majority of stores on both sides of the street is not decorated with the use of empty. On the first floor of the ad hoc area is not a small trade area, “fruit area” and other sub-signs, scheduled to put a variety of goods long cement station, has long cast a thick dust. In the upstairs to buy a house and live down the number of households, and only a few people.

In order to prosper the small town, Taiyi town has made some brains. The town government to introduce investors to create business “new area”, but also to help the introduction of postal savings bank, the new kindergarten, but also to buy some real estate, and allow developers to transform into a standard public rental.

However, the reporter found that this Leiyang City introduced the focus of the project, “Tai Yi Wei Commercial Street”, built a few years but did not open operation, did not play effectively promote the initial purpose of small towns. According to reports, the direct cause of some of the store owners worry about the interests of impaired, do not agree to enable the farmers market, the local government has coordinated several times.

Righteousness is a coal-producing town of Leiyang, coal workers that amounted to thousands. A few years ago when the high price of coal, the streets more mobile population. Lower coal prices, leading to the town of “economic recession”, but also stalled the construction of small towns.

Population competing to buy a house to live in the city, not only weakened the town of Dayi Town bustling, took a lot of students in Dayi Town, students, but also to the local government worried that if the rural education to increase investment in the future if the number of students can not be stable, waste?

“The most profound feelings of the farmers into the city: Leiyang side of the rural areas a little bit of economic strength of farmers, even if the children in primary school, are also willing to send to the city school to study.” A rural female teachers told reporters that she The school is the merger of two primary schools, but after the merger, the number of classes now than before the merger even less than the peak.

Despite the difficulties encountered, the town is still trying to build a small town, try to keep the population as much as possible. In recent years, the town built a water plant, built through the 300-meter-long water pipes, carried out the appearance of the town beautification, but also run a public kindergarten. They are the introduction of the Zhejiang Anji boss, hoping to set up factories, digestion of thousands of acres of mountain bamboo, drive farmers to increase income. They hope to develop rural tourism, such as creating a lotus town, driving popularity.

Compared to Dayi Town, the new town location is relatively superior. Here close to the Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway and Leishui River, traffic location is extremely convenient. Leiyang history has been made in the county, and now there are old streets to preserve the old alley. New Town in the past is the center of the surrounding towns, many towns and townships to the new city to market. Today, many towns and townships in the neighboring counties are prosperous, and the role of the central market town of the new city is correspondingly weakened.

Expansion of the Leiyang city, like the flood, like a large number of rural resources swept away, the township is like a tide after the river bed, leaving a land of grass and rubble.

City tired: farmers into the city problems

Leiyang visited the relevant field could not help but sigh: “city, town so polarized, is we want a new type of urbanization?” Large-scale farmers into the city, making Leiyang public services “pressure Alexander”, financial burden Unbearable weight.

A large number of migrant children into the city need to school, government finance is difficult to carry the burden of running a school, so private schools came into being. Although private education to solve a large number of children’s schooling, but also to some extent, increased the burden on parents.

“School difficult” and derived “big class” problem is also prominent in Leiyang. Leiyang’s Cai Zichu middle school, the peak known as the “Asia’s largest junior high school.” Leiyang City Board of Education in a report in 2015, described as “with the accelerated urbanization process, the urban population increased dramatically, school enrollment in the city increased student enrollment, urban public education resources shortage, a serious shortage of degrees. 70 to 80 students “big class”, in Leiyang city is not uncommon.

Large-scale expansion of the city, but the infrastructure is difficult to quickly follow up. Traffic, garbage disposal, urban flood control and so have a larger debt. Ronaldinho told reporters that his home in the top floor of the eighth floor, no elevator, the fifth floor of the above people, the use of tap water perennial rely on the purchase of the pump can be put up.

A large number of “small property room”, as the city’s “scar.” They have no community, no property, the environment messy. There are properties of the district, accounting for a very low proportion, even if there are many developers are transferred to relatives and friends operating, the lack of real bidding, management backwardness.

Real estate “disorder development problem is very prominent”, become Leiyang social contradiction a main fuse. 2016 second half of the year, the local government a report revealed that more than 70% of Leiyang petition case is due to real estate development and land development caused by petition 95% of cases are more than two types of cases. Some “black building” and “black project” serious problem, most of the existence can not be submitted on schedule, can not be accredited, unfinished project, project funding chain, suspected of illegal fund-raising and other issues.

“Leaving the fields to the city life, for the average education and quality of the disadvantaged farmers is not easy.” Leiyang, a furniture store in charge of many farmers put forward after facing the problems, such as employment and life problems solve? Medical, insurance, cultural life, how to protect? In his view, if these problems are not resolved, “the farmers into the city is not only a good thing, but will cause some new social problems, the birth of a new difficult groups.

Open up the city a number of Duantou Lu, demolition of illegal buildings 136,273 square meters, in the high-speed rail station next to the new Education City … … Leiyang is now an unprecedented intensity to strengthen urban management, put forward the construction of the “build the province’s largest and most beautiful county” slogan, In the planning and construction of small towns in recent years have also started. But in contrast, the small town of change is far behind the changes in the city, Leiyang is also making great efforts to transform the rural weak schools.

“City management was not good enough.” Ronaldinho said dismissively, he does not like Leiyang, although here is the home. One day, he hopes to his wife’s home in Hainan Island to start a new life.

Urbanization Blue Book: household registration reform are not ideal people are flocking to the big cities

“Beijing-based blue book: China’s new urbanization and healthy development report (2016)” mentioned that “people linked to” policy such as the current confined to the administrative area, a large number of migrant workers from remote areas to migrate to the ” No land can be linked. ”

“Urbanization Blue Book” by the National School of Administration Department of Economics and Research, National School of Administration of New Urbanization Research Center and the Social Science Literature Publishing House, which referred to the current, as migrant workers generally do not get urban local residence, making it Can not get in the employment, education, health, social security and other aspects of equalization of urban residents and public services.

Blue Book pointed out that the current household registration system reform is not satisfactory. On the one hand, small and medium-sized cities and small cities and towns of the household registration has been basically liberalized, but no one is interested, large cities and large cities in the strict control of the scale, migrant workers are flocking to allow the transfer of household registration to enjoy the welfare of the proportion of low- On the other hand, the household registration – land linkage reform also faces a dilemma, if the “people linked to” policy such as the current confined to the administrative area, a large number of migrant workers from remote areas to “hang”, and if established Province and even the national unity of the “people linked to” system, then there will be migrant farmers in remote areas all the big cities flock to the requirements of “linked” phenomenon.

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