The protesters shouted Clinton was rapist Hillary: Trump supporters disgusted

The FBI seems to have become the election has been behind Trump’s “savior”, not only in the critical moment to restart the “mail door” investigation, also denied Hillary accused Trump and There is evidence that Russia has improper contacts.

Another important role affecting the election, A Sangqi, or even “evolution” to be able to predict Hillary’s emotions, he described Hillary “in pursuit of ambition and even loss of reason”, voice hardly ever, Hillary “really” was protested The phrase “Clinton is a rapist” angered.

Previously, she has been trying to show a rational, calm temperament, and often publicly accused Trump such “easy to be angered on social media, not suitable for mastering nuclear weapons.”

After this wave, according to the latest polls, the election to achieve a “rebalancing.”

Hillary rare anger

On Tuesday evening, Hillary Clinton rancorized a protester at a campaign rally, according to the New York Post, which quoted the New York Post as saying.

At a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., A protester shouted, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” When Hillary heard it, he struck back at the protester.

“You know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior,” she said. “You know, I’m sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous, angry Trump supporters. From people who support Donald Trump).

In fact, this is not the first time protesters in this way at the Hillary campaign rally, but Hillary’s reaction is indeed abnormal.

“We’re not going back, we’re going to make a better future.” And the supporters of the show shouted Hillary’s name for their cheer. The protesters who shouted “Clinton” were rapists were expelled from the venue.

Earlier, Hillary more than once in public questioned Trump easily irritated. In the third television debate, she also criticized Trump “is an easy to be angered people, such people how to do the commander in chief of the US armed forces? The US nuclear weapons password to be a Twitter easily irritated people, the world Will be safe? “She also said that a mature diplomat will not lightly war, war has never been the first option, reason must always overcome the emotional.

And in July at the Democrats Congress in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton also made similar remarks: “Imagine his office in the oval (the White House Office of the President), for the real crisis, a can be defeated by Twitter We are not the people we can entrust to nuclear weapons. ”

A Sangqi: Hillary heart filled with ambition, and to a morbid level

WikiLeaks Web site editor Julian A Sangqi in today’s Russian television interview, said the US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was very sorry, she “filled with ambition.”

“I am actually sorry for Hillary because her heart is full of ambition, and has come to a morbid state, in order to chase ambitions and even lose their senses,” A Sangqi said.

A Sangqi lawyer had said that if Hillary won the election, the editor will face a significant increase in security threats.

A Sangqi also pointed out that Hillary’s campaign on Russia’s intervention in the US election is false. He also rejected the assertions about Russia and WikiLeaks broke the news.

Clinton has more than once issued a false statement, said the 17 US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia is the source of WikiLeaks broke the news, it is not correct of.”

A Sangqi in early October this year, WikiLeaks 10th anniversary press conference, said the network will be in November 8th before the exposure of all the US presidential election-related documents.

Poll: Trump odds are increasing “stealth voters” or assists

According to “China Daily” website reported on November 3, Trump’s odds are increasing. Trump’s ratings are 5.4 percentage points higher than Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, according to a latest poll. Analysts also pointed out that a group of verbal unwilling to admit to support Trump, secretly but will quietly vote for Trump’s “stealth voter” will put the controversial billionaire into the White House.

November 2, the United States, “Los Angeles Times” released the latest poll poll results show that Trump’s support rate of 47.8%, compared to last week increased by 4 percentage points, while Hillary’s support is down 3 Percentage drop to the current 42.4%. This is the first time since May this year that polls show Trump lead Hillary.

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