The second debate in the US general election today, Trump can save yourself?

The second debate on the US presidential election will be held at the University of Washington this morning (October 10) at 9 am Beijing time. Just this past weekend, Trump a vulgar, including obscene and insulting women talk was exposed. This is like a blockbuster in the United States set off a storm. The disclosure site “WikiLeaks” 7 open Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s e-mail campaign records, including Hillary Clinton in recent years, made a closed-door speech on Wall Street content. Revealing its different side, the explosion is bound to hit Hillary election. Trump and Hillary both to save it? Or the two sides spotted the other side of the pain points to continue onslaught?

October is the last month of the presidential campaign. Each session of the presidential election has a “October surprise”, is this month, “Mengliao” burst, at the last minute before the vote to affect the election.

Trump was exposed 11 years ago, insulting women’s insulting remarks, the matter not only by the US Democratic Party caught in the foot, and even some Republicans and governors of Trump to condemn. Party heavyweight politicians have to recover support for him, and even have asked him to withdraw from the dark tide. The disclosure site “WikiLeaks” 7 open Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s e-mail campaign records, including Hillary Clinton in recent years, made a closed-door speech on Wall Street content. Revealing the inconsistency of its side, the report pointed out that the explosion is bound to hit Hillary election.

Trump changed to defend: to see the politicians mouth true I look up than pure
The Washington Post reveals a recording from Trump in 2005. In this recording, Trump boasted that he had been playing with married women, and trying to have sexual relations with their words to their women “hands and feet” proud. The recording was recorded by Trump in 2005, when he joined “Hollywood” on television. Trump was chatting with the host, Billy Bush, and the small microphone he was wearing recorded his entire conversation. “Washington Post” exposed this recording attracted a huge amount of traffic, once 10 million people at the same time influx. Recording was disclosed, also immediately caused an uproar on the network.

Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported on October 9, he accepted the “Wall Street Journal” interview, said “I was out of the probability of zero”, “I never give up.” And began to change the offensive in the interview, said, “Look at those false Taoist politicians and mouth behind the truth, I am a child than the pure.” ”

After the incident, Trump wife Melanie Trump, as well as the parties to the incident, that is, the exposure of the video involved in the wife Nancy Odell are issued a statement that attitude.

Trump’s wife Melanie Trump in a statement on the 8th, saying that her husband had said the remarks unacceptable, offended himself. “This does not mean that I know this man, he has a leader of the heart and thought, I hope people accept his apology, just like me.Hope you are more concerned about our country and the world needs to face the important issue.”

Was Trump obscenity that wished to have sexual relations with his wife, is a senior entertainment reporter and host Nancy Odell. According to “USA Today” reported that Odell on the 8th through the program they are hosting a Web site made a statement. In the statement, Odell said, first put aside politics, she is now the community there are such remarks lament. “I am very disappointed to hear such a womanification of a woman, whether a woman or anyone, should not be the target of such rudeness, whether it is under the lens or not, regardless of gender and identity, everyone has the right As a man who is trying to build up his career, as a mother, I think I have to stand up and speak, and we should always try to make society better.

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton issued a direct Twitter said, “This is terrible, we can not let this man become president” outside. More than 20 Republicans and congressmen condemned Trump. House Speaker Ryan said that “disgusted”, Utah governor Gray Herbert also said to no longer support Trump.

This broke the news is likely to become a fatal blow to the Trump election. However, Trump said after apologizing, he will not withdraw. “I definitely will not quit the election, will not let my supporters disappointed.” Trump said on Twitter, said he would never give up.

Hillary at the same time was exposed in different forms or campaign to form a “9 earthquake”

HONG KONG, Oct. 9 (Xinhuanet) – A leaked e-mail account of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign team on Wednesday disclosed a closed-door speech on Wall Street in recent years. The record revealed that she in the bank and the voters in front of the policy stance diametrically opposed, but he has admitted that “people have different positions after predecessors.” The report pointed out that Hillary had previously been “e-mail door” in-depth integrity problems, and now again exposed in different forms, is bound to hit the election.

David Wall, a US prosecutor, said in a television program that the newly released WikiLeaks Web site exposes Hillary Clinton’s political scam and that its campaign will be hit as if it were a magnitude 9 earthquake.

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