The United States staring at the west coast of Liaoning ship guess the Chinese aircraft carrier when the West Coast to the west

“Global Times special correspondent in the United States Xiaotan Global Times special correspondent Li Suning,” “China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier fleet arrived in Hainan’s military base,” 28, a senior Taiwan military officer told the British Reuters news, saying “This is not Means that the task of aircraft carrier formation has ended. And good eyes staring at the Liaoning ship’s whereabouts compared to Taiwan, the United States seems to be more. “China’s aircraft carrier is the ultimate weapon or paper tiger?” “What is the signal issued by China?” “Chinese aircraft carrier will soon open to the US West Coast?” These become hot topic on the US media. As many concerned about the cause of China’s aircraft carrier in Hong Kong for many years, “Asia-Pacific Defense,” wrote in Yang said, many people in the “saliva” to help the Chinese aircraft carrier “formation of combat power.”

Liaoning ship by the 5 warships escorted by the South China Sea Dongsha Islands waters southwest navigation, which is Taiwan’s “Ministry of Defense” depicts the aircraft carrier fleet roadmap. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 28, said the carrier fleet of Liaoning ship through the East China Sea near the Okinawa Miyako Strait sailing to the Pacific waters east of Taiwan, now parked in Hainan, means that the aircraft carrier also passed between Taiwan and the Philippines Of the Bashi Strait, completely bypassed the island of Taiwan a week.

“China in the Trump before the show muscle,” Agence France-Presse 28 as the subject commented that the aircraft carrier fleet for the first time to the West Pacific cross-sea training, is China’s last few decades the latest move to strengthen military power. China is looking for a bigger global force to match its economic strength, and is growing stronger in its backyard. However, the timing of aircraft carrier training led to more speculation on the intention of the outside world. Prior to that, Trump broke the convention to talk to Taiwanese leaders.

New American Security Center senior director Cronin in the analysis also mentioned Trump, but that the focus is not on him. “The mission of the Liaoning ship is to send signals to neighboring countries that Beijing will set the security agenda for East Asian waters, even if Trump can not reverse it,” the New York Times quoted him as saying. Interview with the AFP, the US Center for Strategic and National Research Center, also said that the Chinese aircraft carrier cross-sea training is not a signal to Trump, but on behalf of China’s military development trend of the inevitable and long-term planning behavior.

“Chinese aircraft carrier will soon open to the west coast of the United States do?” 28, CNN site in the headline map position to throw the problem, but did not give a clear answer. Yang seems to observe the formation of Chinese aircraft carrier formation capability than the simple estimate of the number and performance of formation ships is more important. Among them, the command and control and logistics capabilities determine the “Chinese aircraft carrier battle groups to be able to approach the United States and the West”, but these two competencies are not fully apparent. Liaoning ship and the Russian Navy “Kuznetsov Marshal” was out of the same door, which is in Syria to participate in actual combat. But the Liaoning ship to perform such a task, and some problems to be solved.

The first is the ability of the crew training. As early as 2012, the Canadian “Han and Defense Review” magazine to note that a large number of senior Chinese naval commander to the Russian St. Petersburg Kuznetsov Naval Academy, and served as “library” aircraft carrier captain is the hospital’s top students. Over the years, took here a deep red certificate (on behalf of outstanding graduates) of the Chinese soldiers have been a few.

Followed by the logistics capacity. US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier to replace a fuel can be sailing 500,000 nautical miles, can be sustained in the theater for a long time without base operations. Not to mention the United States there are military bases around the world. Only the Asia-Pacific, for example, the US Third Fleet aircraft carrier from the west coast of San Diego to the Asia-Pacific, available in Hawaii, Guam, Yokosuka (Japan) for relay support, about a week or so. If for the Korean peninsula, the US aircraft carrier in half a day from Yokosuka to South Korea Busan 8 pier. And access to the South China Sea, you can get the Singapore Changi base berthing services, if the need for maintenance, you can enter the local Sembawang dock “rest”. Obviously, the US aircraft carrier at least in the Asia-Pacific can enjoy the “home-like service.”

At present, the lack of overseas bases in China can not be shipped to the Liaoning ship far away from the local waters, and the “Big Dipper” and other Chinese-made navigation equipment, whether in the United States Jameson Foundation “China Bulletin” editor Alan Slrabber that, The extent to help the Chinese Navy in advance to develop the most efficient route, and at a critical time to avoid unnecessary risks, is still uncertain, China still has a long way to go. Yu Yang said that the Chinese aircraft carrier battle groups in the sea training will focus on improving this ability.

Chinese aircraft carrier is the “ultimate weapon” or “paper tiger”? US “national interest” magazine website on the 27th as the title of this analysis, even if the former Soviet Union is so strong, failed to challenge the US Navy’s supremacy. However, the growing concern about the rapid development of the Chinese Navy. Liaoning ship into the Western Pacific is the Chinese mainland aircraft carrier battle group debut, the purpose is to carry the ship-based flight wing of the sea training, the US military in the past also spent decades learning to become a maritime power. The article believes that China will build a number of aircraft carriers, and as a basis to build an air power, China’s aircraft carrier fleet will sooner or later cruise in the Western Pacific. It is not impossible, but it will take decades for the Chinese Navy to have the military capability to confront the United States in the Western Pacific.

The New York Times quoted Chinese military experts as saying that the decision to deploy aircraft carriers and expand military capabilities in remote waters is a natural step for countries like China, but the rest of the world can rest assured that China does not Will be like the United States as interference in other countries affairs.

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