“To help people” Wang Jie guilty of rape and other crimes sentenced to 16 years in court said not to sentence

Guangxi Wang Jie, founded a decade ago, “Baise student network”, the private donations to the community more than 700 million, known as subsidizing poor students nearly 4,600 people. August 2015, Wang Jie was reported sexually assaulted girls, deducted money, then arrested by the Guangxi police. October 13 this year, Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Longlin County People’s Court publicly pronounced Wang Jie rape, fraud case, sentenced to 15 years in prison for rape, sentenced to imprisonment for fraud, one year and six Month, the number of crimes decided to implement the imprisonment for sixteen years.

Victims lawyer Wu Hui told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, in court, the defendant Wang Jie expressed dissatisfaction in court, he believes that “sentencing heavy”, but not in court that whether to appeal. The verdict came out, the two girls still do not have the expression of the views of first instance verdict.

“Aid student” accused of sexual assault girls

March 2006, Wang Jie in Baise City, Guangxi Longlin County, founded in the name of individual “Baise student network” to help children in poor areas of the local school grounds, to raise money from all walks of life. As of August 2015, “Baise Student Network” home page on the real-time figures show that a total of 4597 poor students are funded, fund-raising total amount of accumulated more than 700 million.

And in the “Baise student network,” the donation from the Shandong volunteer Qiu Chu accidentally discovered that Wang Jie may take the name of public interest, sexual abuse of dozens of girls, some girls were violated for the first time underage.

Wang Jie case of sexual assault girls in August 2015 reported by the autumn Chu, and then the local television exposure. Qiu’s report, but also the existence of Wang Jie, such as the deduction of charitable acts. Autumn report to the police when Wang Jie, a small natural, small star and Xiaoyun three witnesses. Subsequently, Wang Jie was arrested in Guangxi police. This year in March, Longlin County Procuratorate to rape, fraud charges its prosecution.

March 22, the case in Longlin County Court. The trial has a key word, that is, with criminal compensation civil “zero demand.” Victims of small girls and small stars legal aid lawyer Wu Hui said the victim is not unwilling to compensate, but in accordance with existing laws, even if the victim compensation, it is difficult to obtain support.

Was sentenced to 16 years in prison

October 13, Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Longlin County People’s Court announced publicly Wang Jie rape, fraud case.

Longlin court informed the case informed that the court found that from 2009 to 2015, the defendant Wang Jie to finance the Baise poor students in the name of the farmer has raped a month, Qinmou, and the defendant Wang Chun any rape Students Huang Moumei in the joint crime to provide help. Defendant Wang Jie to need to subsidize the deserted areas in the name of school desks and chairs, to conceal the truth of the method, to cheat the love of 15000 yuan team funding for their own.

Longlin court that the defendant Wang Jie against the will of women, the use of violent means, forced sexual relations with women, knowing that girls under the age of 14 and sexual relations with others, to help others rape, their behavior constitutes rape Crime; its large amount of fraudulent acts of public and private property constitutes a crime of fraud, should be implemented several crimes. The defendant Wang Chun Ren Ming is a young girl under the age of 14 and sexual relations, constitute rape. Two defendants rape young girls, should be severely punished. In view of the defendant Wang Chun after committing a crime automatically surrendered, truthfully confessed his crime, is surrendered, you can light punishment.

According to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, the court sentenced the defendant to rape Wang Jie fifteen years in prison, sentenced to one year and six months of fraud, the number of crimes decided to implement imprisonment for sixteen years. To rape convicted of the defendant Wang Chun-term imprisonment for five years.

Wang Jie in court claimed not to sentence

Wu Hui told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, yesterday in court, the defendant Wang Jie has claimed that “the trial unfair”, he thinks to him “sentencing heavy”, but not in court that whether to appeal.

Imprisonment for 16 years, the results for the injured party did not meet their expectations.

March 14 this year, after learning that the case will be the primary court, the aggrieved party attorney Wu Hui had to Longlin County People’s Court submitted the dissenting jurisdiction of the proposal, the proposed case “to upgrade the trial.” Wu Hui said, according to the “Criminal Law” provides that “rape of women, rape of many young people,” can be sentenced to more than 10 years of imprisonment, life imprisonment or death, and may be sentenced to life imprisonment, the death penalty by the Intermediate People The court jurisdiction, “I think he may be sentenced to life imprisonment or death, so the Court should be held in the jurisdiction of the objection.” Finally, the Longlin County People’s Court did not make transfer to the Intermediate Court’s decision.

Wu Hui said that during the trial, he had proposed Wang Jie’s sentencing is no more than the last, but the court only sentenced Wang Jie 16 years in prison, does not meet his expectations.

After the verdict, Wu Hui the verdict to tell the small Ran and small stars, but they did not express their views on this result, there is no clear response to whether the prosecution next to apply for protest. Wu Hui said that he will be based on the wishes of the girls to do the next step.


Each of the injured girls has a new life

Shandong volunteer to expose the matter Qiu Chu learned that the verdict, the North Green News reporter, said the results “not unexpected, but very disappointed,” he expected Wang Jie was sentenced to heavy.

Autumn Chu said Wang Jie, the number of sexually assaulted girls is not so much as published so far, but now there are no more people stand up and testify to him. Autumn Chu said, “those who were Wang Jie of female sex, whether it is to stand up or not stand out of the evidence, are concerned about the direction of the case.

Qiu Chu told reporters on the North Green Daily News yesterday, Wang Jie, after the first-instance verdict came out, there have been other girls claiming to be Wangjie sexual assault to send a message to their own, said Wang Jie want to prove the behavior of sexual assault, “If They decided, I will help them to carry out related work. ”

The incident so far, Shandong volunteer Qiu Chu has been including small Ran, small star, including the injured girl to keep in touch, he told the North Youth News reporter, the two girls small Ran and small stars, one has been working in Guangxi, Another is currently a freshman, is studying at the school.

“So many years later, small Ran and the small star of the wound healing, and now their lives are becoming more and more normal. There are some girls did not stand out, most of them have their own lives.” Autumn Chu said, At present, the livelihood of the injured girls comes from their own work income, some girls still do not work in school, he and some caring people will also be given the corresponding funding.

Wang Jie founded the “Baise student network” was closed after the incident, has not inquired about any information on this network.

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