“Two bombs and one satellite” meritorious Ren Xinmin death: has led China’s first artificial satellite launch

According to CCTV news, February 12, well-known missile and rocket technology experts, two bombs a star meritorious service medal winner, Chinese Academy of Sciences senior academician Ren Xinmin died of medical treatment died at the age of 102 years. He has led China’s first man-made satellite, “Dongfanghong No. 1” launch, is China’s pioneer and founder of the cause of space, and Tu Shouying, Huang Weilu, Liang Shou-ren and said “China’s space four old.”

Ren Xinmin has led and participated in China’s earliest liquid missile development work, as the carrier of the rocket technology leader “Dongfanghong 1” launch; since then, has served as China’s first experimental satellite communications, the first practical satellite pass, the first weather Satellite and other large aerospace engineering chief designer, presided over the development and launch work.

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