Typhoon nepartak influence in Taihu lake basin

Heavy rain also made the water level of Taihu lake basin in recent days continued to rise. River around 44 Super police, super police range from 0.02 to 2.02 meters, including 17 Super, the Grand Canal between Suzhou and Changzhou reach across more than ensure the water level.

At present, 1th Typhoon “nepartak” in the United States generated on the Northwest Pacific Ocean south of Guam. Is expected to, “nepartak” will to each hours 15 km around of speed to West partial North turned Northwest direction mobile, strength gradually strengthening, most strong can up strong typhoon level or super strong typhoon level (48 to 55 m/s, and 16 level), and gradually to China Taiwan to East coastal near, may Yu 7th night to 8th has landing China Taiwan East and Zhejiang min coastal, also has may in East offshore North. Expect “nepartak” will bring more rain and windy weather process in the Taihu basin, Taihu basin flood control situation.

SFCDRH stressed that the watershed around the sum of preventive means to further close communication links, and to focus on flood defense and reservoir safety in flood season, urban flood control and drainage areas, the timely transfer of dangerous people, ensure that people’s lives and safety, minimize disaster losses.

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