Unmarried woman in Nanning, said maintenance of the uterus was more than 70-year-old male technician molested

One after 90 unmarried woman, claiming to go to Nanning a Yangshengtang hand, was a male technician recommended to do “Palace cold” physical therapy, and 7 times before and after the other hand to pull the lower body, until the last kiss, she found Not right. Involved male technician argued that only for the treatment of “Palace cold”, the top press the Du meridian (Note: perineum), and opened some oral powder. Yangshengtang boss frankly, involved in the male technician without medical qualifications, in accordance with the provisions of the store, do physiotherapy, the lower body near the site is not allowed to bare and touch,



Treatment of hand injuries were diagnosed “Palace cold”

(A pseudonym), is a secondary school graduates in the region, in order to realize the dream of college, earlier this year, she came to work in Nanning from his hometown, while preparing for October this year, the adult college entrance examination. A work, the small accidentally hand sprain, although the film did not hurt, but every sudden change in the weather, the joints are always aching.

In a friend’s recommendation, by the end of September, she came to Nanning Liangqing District as the three areas of jade pot Yangshengtang to seek help. Sit the old technician surnamed cow, more than 70 years old, in a friend’s mouth, the old technician quite capable. At first, small really is with respect to the heart away, but now in addition to hate, no good opinion.

“I did not expect a grandfather generation, actually make such a thing.” Small really, cattle technician treatment of hand pain is the dressing, to stay in the health museum one or two hours. Later, she was diagnosed as “Palace cold”, the need for uterine maintenance, or even after the children are difficult, when she was afraid, “cattle technician said the treatment is not complicated, some oral powder, each time in the abdomen Some drugs, adhere to a course of treatment can be. In the treatment of bad not charge promise, small really started the first physical therapy.

“Small beginning, the two entered the massage room alone, according to each other’s request, slipped pants in the abdominal dressing, then, the cow technician did some of the Regular massage movements, but do not know when, the other actually inserted into her lower body fingers.



Explain why tolerance has been repeated

Because the feeling was humiliated, small really conscious no face in Nanning, now, she has booked 8 November ticket, ready to “escape”. Before she left, the reporter and her had a face-to-face dialogue, trying to solve the incident some ordinary people difficult to understand the problem.

Reporter: an unmarried girl, why would tolerate such behavior?

Small really: was said to be seriously ill, the first is anxious to cure.

Reporter: Why is the second time to go, but also to each other to do such a thing?

Small really: the other is the grandfather of the generation, but also a doctor, had a little trust.

Reporter: before and after 7 times, once did not question?

Small really: not without question, but this kind of thing, inconvenience to ask people, the last few times as “inertia” went.

Reporter: why the 7th found the exception?

Small really: At that time, he held me head pro, struggling, I suddenly understood what happened before.

Reporter: Why do not you alarm?

Xiao Zhen: I do not want to let too many people know this.



Micro message recording exposes the negotiation process

The last time out from the Yangshengtang, small really alone in the rental house for a few days, and finally she made a decision: can not just forget it. Small really said that the beginning, made a WeChat to the boss to discuss health Yangshengtang, but she felt the other side is quiet.

Reporters in the micro-micro-message chat to see the record, Yangshengtang boss first made cattle technician face to face apology, and to ensure that no such thing happened; Finally, look at small really still Buyiburao, the boss said he was caught in the middle of a difficult man.

Repeated negotiations failed, early November, the small really directly to the cattle technician call. Small really provides the call records and recording, cattle technician said he was not in Nanning, Anhui has resigned back home, and finally even the phone does not pick up.

Small really said that nearly a month of rights, has let her exhausted, to the media broke the news of the main purpose is to make the event public, so that young women beware of more, no longer like her foolish after the rights.



Technician behavior is indeed non-compliance

For small really tell, jade pot Yangshengtang how to respond? November 7 afternoon, the reporter went to the store. Coincidentally, before that has been resigned to the home of cattle technician, just work in the store.

“Everything I do is to save the need for treatment.” Cattle technician said he did have to do small really “Palace cold” physical therapy, but did not kiss her, but did not pull off its lower body. In accordance with his program, each time to do physical therapy, must top by Du points, this point is located in the perineum, after the hands of sticky mucus, are deposited in the abdominal drug seepage to the concoction.

According to the cow technician, his behavior is in the treatment of patients, but health museum boss frankly, cattle technician without medical qualifications. The boss said, the shop technician according to the sensitive parts to obtain the consent of the guests, and the presence of two, in addition to the provisions of the shop, near the lower body parts, is not allowed to bare and touch, Du channel in the prohibited range.

The boss said that he is not the direct party to the incident, if the guests feel obscene, you can call the police, or through legal channels to resolve disputes.

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