US election vote soon “mail door” plot and then reversed

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has decided to maintain its findings after the first survey in July, that is, there is no evidence that the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic presidential candidate, Its aides intentionally violate the law, do not recommend to the United States Department of Justice on the “mail door” incident to prosecute Hillary.

From the US presidential election day remaining 2 days, Republican candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running around, using the final time for voter support.

Maintain the original conclusion

FBI: “We do not change the conclusions reached in July”

FBI Secretary James Komi 6 letter to the US Congress, announced the findings. “We do not change the July conclusions,” the letter said, investigating “all night and day,” all the messages in the new mail sent or received from Hillary’s private mailbox.

Hillary Clinton in March last year, the US media exposure during the Secretary of State during the use of private servers to receive and send official e-mail. Shortly after her announcement of her presidential election last April, the FBI launched an investigation into the “mail door”.

In July, Komi said Hillary’s conduct showed that she and her senior aides were “extremely hasty” when handling government secrets, but there was no evidence that they intended to violate the law and would not recommend to the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary. US Attorney General Loretta Lynch subsequently announced not to Hillary prosecution.

However, in the October 28, 11 days away from the polling day, Komei announced the restart “mail door” investigation. The reason is that in the investigation of former members of Congress, Hillary’s assistant Hu Ma Aberdeen’s husband Anthony Weiner suspected of sending pornographic information to the case of minors, the federal investigators found that some of the Hillary “mail door” investigation-related New messages.

The Republican Party

“Hillary always act according to their own rules”

Hillary’s campaign team communications director Jennifer Palmieri 6, the FBI’s findings are welcome. She said: “We are very pleased that this matter is resolved.” In Ohio and basketball star LeBron James to attend the rally with Clinton I did not mention the matter.

Trump, who was in Minnesota and Michigan for the rally, continued to attack Hillary corruption with a “mail door,” not to be trusted, although she was protected by a fraudulent system that would be investigated even after she was elected president. “Hillary Clinton is guilty, she knows, and the FBI knows that people know … it’s up to the people of the United States to come to the polls on November 8,” he said.

Several Republican gangsters continue to rush Hillary on the “mail door” incident. Former US House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich questioned the independence of the investigation, said Kemi “must be under enormous political pressure, will not carry, announced that he could not know in advance the results.

US House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement, “she is that she can override the law, she always act according to their own rules.

Although the investigation did not come to the conclusion of Hillary’s guilt, but found Clinton illegal evidence, “she acted hastily, and repeatedly lie to the people of the United States,” the United States Republican National Committee Chairman Pribes said.

■ Analysis

FBI this time “toss”

Will it affect Clinton’s election?

Although the election is not recommended before the decision to make the prosecution, but after the FBI Zhefan “toss”, Hillary was a clear lead was hit.

A number of polls show that Hillary although still an advantage, but the gap with Trump smaller. McClatchy newspaper company and the Marysters Public Opinion Research Institute 5 poll released by Hillary Clinton Trump lead 1 percentage point, while in September when the gap between the two sides was 6 percentage points.

Reuters and the Ipsos Group, the latest poll results show that Hillary’s support rate of 44%, Trump’s 39% higher than 5 percentage points; and in Florida and North Carolina, the two “swing state” Hillary from the previous election into the two compete for the upper hand.

California Democrat Diana Fanstein 6, complained that the FBI at the election date approaching the moment to restart the investigation, “unfairly damaged the election of a candidate, changed the direction of the election.” She called on the Justice Department to review the internal system and avoid similar incidents affecting future elections.

More than 41 million voters have voted ahead of the two candidates’ campaign. Hillary in recent days to promote a strong political and cultural circles, “friends and relatives” battle canvassing; Trump is when the trapeze, flying in a number of “swing state” between the shuttle, a plane landing near the airport to the public speech Canvassing.

The Associated Press analysis, Trump’s White Road, steep, need him to win almost all the dozens of “swing state” ballot. Reuters and the Ipsos Group, a joint poll predicted Hillary won the election of the possibility of 90%.

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