US media: Russia to master Trump adverse intelligence but not announced

Last week, four senior US intelligence officials provided secret reports to incumbent President Barack Obama and to President-elect Trump, CNN said on Jan. 11. According to intelligence sources, the report shows that the Russian intelligence agencies also grasp the adverse information Trump.

Reported that the report by the US National Intelligence Agency Clapp, FBI Director Kemi, CIA Director Brennan, National Security Service Secretary Rogers jointly submitted. The intelligence from the British intelligence agencies, sources of information for the Russian intelligence, credibility is high, the FBI is currently verifying the authenticity of information, accuracy and some details about Trump.

The two-page covert report is a supplement to the US report on the US intervention in the US election, which is currently only submitted to Obama, Trump and a number of high-level legislators. The report shows that the Russian intelligence agencies to grasp the negative information between the two parties, but only spread on Hillary’s adverse information. CNN also said that the two-page report is a 35-page summary of the material, the summary shows that Russia has nurtured, help, support Trump for at least five years. In response, the Trump team has not yet responded.

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