US media: Southern California five ethnic Chinese woman suspected of prostitution was sentenced to forced

August 26 US media reported that Southern California cracked five Chinese men and women suspected of smuggling child pornography trading case, 28 victims were Chinese woman.

According to Voice of America radio station website reported August 25, Southern California Ventura County police announced by local, federal and California law enforcement officers uncovered a hand in human trafficking in prostitution cases. In many Chinese Southern California San Gabriel Valley, five criminals were arrested, suspected stress at least 28 victims in central California from Fresno to San Diego nine counties of the US-Mexican border prostitution industry, these injured who are Chinese nationals.

Reported that the five arrested suspects, 40-year-old Wang Qi and Wang Yiwen is 42-year-old siblings stalls, brother Wang Qi alleged leader of the organization, sister Wang Yiwen charged with money laundering, because 63-year-old Cui Jiu and 32-year-old Xiarun An accused is responsible for pick-up woman to prostitution around the motel, 33-year-old Hu Defeng accused of illegal coordination tryst.

In February, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, together with the prosecutor to trace suspicious hostel online advertising and social media sites. In a raid, they seized a sex trade victims, discovered that she was a member of the Han Gai Nanjia large criminal organizations. Survey Action Team including the FBI, including criminal groups gathered evidence and information, to obtain a search warrant on August 4, after the San Gabriel Valley an apartment arrested five suspects, but also seized worth hundreds million dollar property, including the three industries. Investigators believe there may be other people involved, but five people should be central to criminal groups.

It reported that so far, all the victims were Chinese female citizens, who legally obtained through work or student visas. Media Contact Ventura Sheriff’s Office said they basically unknowingly become a modern-day slaves, was sent around the rooms, several days per week was forced to engage in sexual activity, but also in many cases subjected to violence and looting.

Contacts noted that these victims owed rent, food and transportation costs, they can not repay, again and again. She also noted that the victims refused to cooperate with police, the police do not know it is because of different cultures or fear, they hardly speak English.

Five suspects currently in custody, bail of $ 5 million per person. If trafficking charges determined, Wang Qi and Hu Defeng faces up to 24 years in prison, and because Xiarun An Cui Jiu faces up to 14 years in prison, Wang Yiwen are facing a four-year prison term .

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