Wenzhou, Zhejiang, building collapsed 22 people were killed in search and rescue the end of the scene

As of 1:12 am today, 10 occurred in the early morning of Lucheng District houses collapsed the scene of the rescue work has been basically completed, a total of 28 people were rescued, of which 22 were confirmed dead.

At 10:00 on October 10 or so, Lucheng Industrial Park, Central Tu Village, 159 Central Street, four houses collapsed, many people were buried. After the accident, Wenzhou City, Lucheng immediately start the emergency response mechanism, and set up a rescue headquarters in the scene.

Wenzhou houses collapsed moments parents with a body to protect her 6-year-old daughter

According to Zhejiang Online reported on the evening of 10 rescue workers in the tireless efforts, a little girl was successfully rescued, rescued when there are vital signs.

In the collapsed ruins and dilapidated buildings junction, it was found that two adults were criss-cross shaped to protect a little girl. Armed police officers introduced in the separation of a family of three, the parents have no vital signs, but the girl in the middle of the parents in the rescue, with the hand of the rescue of the armed police soldiers, a life reaction. At present, the girl has been sent to the local hospital.

Wenzhou collapse of the local mostly to be demolished a large number of houses or involving illegal construction

It is understood that the incident area a lot of houses have been signed demolition agreement, but the collapse of the house was rented to the owner of a local factory, as staff quarters.

The collapse of the housing is located in 2014 to start the demolition of the central Tu A-1 plots, this land is Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, the old village and the transformation of key projects. Central Tu Village, there are many self-built buildings, living in the central Tu Village, Mr. Lee told reporters that the central Tu many self-built village buildings have been built two or three decades, because it is self-built building, housing is very solid . As early as seven years ago, Mr. Lee found their own house cracking, for security reasons, the family moved out early here.

This reporter learned that the central Tu Village self-built houses for the local row of buildings, each about four or five storeys high. “Every five-story building by the words, ten rooms is certainly there, and if separated, then it is not easy to say.” Local residents Ms. Wang told reporters that such a house rented a year about 20,000 yuan Of the rent.

Ms. Wang had also lived in the central Tu Village, she signed a good demolition four or five years ago moved out of the agreement. In her home position, the developers have built a new building, in the accident 20 meters away from the place. “There are a lot of people nearby because of the demolition of the models have not talked about, did not move.Here there are a lot of houses have been characterized as illegally built, so that when the operator area, the owner is certainly not happy.

“The collapse of the house has not yet started the demolition may be in this row of houses, some people have not signed a good demolition agreement, it has not begun to dismantle.” Lee told reporters that in 2012, the nearby homeowners have signed Demolition agreement, some residents of the house was early to be collected, demolished, there are many developers have been built in this new house. The collapse of the house, although previously had been levied, vacated, but the landlord again they rented a nearby factory as a hostel.

The accident occurred Shuangyu street, near the Shuangyu Industrial Park near. Shuangyu is the industrial city of Wenzhou, and many labor-intensive industries are concentrated in this, including “China Shoes”, Wenzhou logistics center, Lucheng Industrial Zone.

Lee told reporters, like the collapse of the house, the owner will separate the interior of the room. “Each has six or seven square, four or five hundred dollars a month to receive.” According to this estimate, a house is likely to live in thirty or forty people.

Wenzhou Lucheng District, said the media have more than 1,000 dangerous place

According to the “Qianjiang Evening News” preliminary statistics, Zhejiang Province, the province’s existing urban residential housing (build a good house) the total number of about 210,000, 7.4 million units, of which eighties and nineties of the last century built about 50,000 , 1.8 million units, accounting for a quarter of the total number of houses. April 4, 2014, Fenghua City, Zhejiang Province, a residential residential part of the collapse occurred; July 2, 2014 at around 1:00, Longwan District, Wenzhou City Yongzheng Zhenzhai village has occurred five-story building collapsed, The building in the previous investigation was identified as B-class dangerous buildings, building residents have moved out, the accident did not cause casualties.

According to “Wenzhou Daily” reported that in 2014 Lucheng has started the old building dangerous building safety investigation work, the registration data is, Lucheng District C-class dangerous 448, D-class dangerous 993. According to local regulations, such as determining the Department of dilapidated buildings, C-class dilapidated buildings need to be repaired, reinforced, D-level dangerous is not recommended to continue living.

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