Xi Jinping twice phoenix

10:50 Tangshan City Planning Exhibition Hall: “Tangshan efforts to develop better, more beautiful building.”

Tangshan city has a Phoenix Mountain. Aerial overhead photographs of the ruins of the earthquake, only Phoenix Mountains still stands tall. In this picture before someone asks: Tangshan will not disappear in the Chinese territory?

The pace of reconstruction, almost simultaneously with the relief. Tangshan heroic people, “10 days after the earthquake to produce the first car ‘seismic coal’; 14 days after the earthquake, power plants and power generation; 28 days after the earthquake, the first smelting furnaces’ steel disappointing ” ……

Tangshan City Planning Exhibition Hall on the second floor, earthquake 40 Anniversary Exhibition. General Secretary Xi Jinping to slow down and watch carefully.

“2015 GDP Tangshan and total revenue respectively, compared with 1975, before the earthquake increased 72.8 times and 141.4 times, urban and rural incomes grew 118.8 times and 130.5 times higher than before the earthquake, respectively.” Steep histogram witness Tangshan phoenix.

Once, Tangshan coal and pride. The cradle of modern industry, the optimization and upgrading of green development requirements of the times under the burden of history will not be dragged to walk? New Era, some people can not help but worry Tangshan prospects.

Six years ago, when he was Vice President Xi Jinping arrived in Tangshan, he proposed “three efforts to build” and a programmatic document guiding the development of Tangshan. Gallery on the third floor, this eye-catching three words: “strive to build Tangshan city in Northeast Asia economic cooperation window, the new industrial base in the Bohai Sea region, an important fulcrum of the capital economic circle.”

Tangshan City, responsible comrades to Xi Jinping, general secretary Details of the implementation of the “three efforts to build” initiative and effectiveness. Towering crane tower, the roar of the machine, whistle loud freighter …… also a map, the East arrived in South Korea, Europe and the west and north into Russia, South Australia, vividly sketched Tangshan into the world pace. General Secretary Xi Jinping affirmed read:. “To seize the historic opportunity to follow the development of a city, Tangshan efforts to develop better, more beautiful building.”

40 years marshes. Xi Jinping, general secretary out of the planning exhibition hall, looked up the distance. Tangshan City Workers Cultural Palace, the Grand Theatre, a library, a new cultural landmark seat where they stand. Who would have thought, here was the Kailuan coal mining subsidence area, now verdant green and pleasant scenery.

Green, Tangshan become another phoenix keywords.

General Secretary Xi Jinping and his party came to the 2016 Tangshan World Horticulture Expo Park, where tourists. From across the country, the world horticultural exhibition, the colors and pleasant fragrance, dress the Expo, also decorated with Tangshan new life. Xi Jinping said: “This is a very good work, you can actively promote green development of Tangshan, Tangshan improve construction management level.”

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