Xi Jinping why attention to cultural self-confidence

Since the party’s 18, Xi Jinping mentioned cultural self-confidence on several occasions, passing out his cultural philosophy and cultural outlook. In the thirteenth Politburo collective study of February 24, 2014, the Xi Jinping proposed to “enhance the cultural values of self-confidence and self-confidence.” Between the next two years, there have been many Xi Jinping and this statement: “to enhance cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence, self-confidence is a strong way, the theory of self-confidence, confidence in the system in the proper meaning of the title.” “China has confidence in firm way, theory of self-confidence, self-confidence system, its essence is built on 5,000 years of civilization and cultural heritage on the basis of self-confidence. “May 2016 and June, two consecutive Xi Jinping on the” cultural self-confidence, “he emphasized, that” we must reinforce Chinese characteristics the socialist road with self-confidence, self-confidence theory, institutional self-confidence, in the final analysis is to adhere to cultural self-confidence “; to guide the party members, especially leading cadres” firm confidence in the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, the theoretical confidence, institutional confidence, cultural self-confidence. ”

On the celebration of 95 anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party Congress speech, Xi Jinping, especially for cultural self-confidence to explain, that “cultural self-confidence, is more basic, more extensive and profound self-confidence.” Its context is more solemn, more distinctive point of view, a more resolute attitude, which conveys both a cultural concept is the guiding ideology. Cultural self-confidence and they will become confident after roads, theoretical and institutional confidence confident socialism with Chinese characteristics, “the fourth self-confidence.”

Why are we in addition to “confidence doctrine” needs “cultural confidence”? Xi Jinping so why focus on the role of culture? Xi Jinping has already given the answer to this.

Because “civilization in particular ideology and culture of a country, a nation’s soul. No matter which country, which a nation, if not treasure their own ideology and culture, lost the ideology and culture of the soul of this country, this nation is not stand up “; because the fine traditional Chinese culture,” could provide useful inspiration for the governance, can also provide useful inspiration for moral construction “,” our national governance system today is based on our historical heritage, cultural traditions, economic and social development the long-term development, gradual improvement, the results of endogenous evolution “; but also because” only by adhering to the future from history, national culture continue pioneering advances from the blood, we can do business today, “” no inheritance and development of civilization, does not promote culture and prosperity, there is no Chinese dream to achieve. “

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