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Hangzhou, a small group of people refused to serve military service was fined 50,000 to cancel the university to resume school qualifications

December 21 from Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou was informed that the local “95 after” young Kongmou because can not stand the training bitter, strict management, refused to perform military service obligations, has been returned to their original troops.

According to reports, Kongmou Xiaoshan people, the original in a university. This year, he took the initiative to submit an application for enlistment, to participate in physical examination, the conscription political assessment, in September was sent to the People’s Liberation Army 39th Army infantry battalion to participate in recruits training camp. By the end of September, Xiaoshan District recruiting office staff recruiting, Kongmou said to adapt to the forces of life, active requirements in the military training talent.

However, starting from October 2, Kongmou strict management due to force, fear of hardship and fear of serious, repeated requests to write report requests to go home, refused to perform military service obligations. In the meantime, the company, the military authorities and the District People’s Armed Forces Department, parents repeatedly to find their work, have no effect. On 8 December, troops were returned to their homes of origin.

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