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20 overseas embassies and consulates pilot “liaison liaison officers” overseas citizens in distress can help

Chinese citizens in distress overseas, how to help in the first time? Yesterday, 27 Chinese from 23 countries overseas Chinese came to China to accept the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized “insurance contact person” training. Yang Shu, deputy director of the Consular Protection Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that at present, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a pilot program for the “consular contact” system in Chinese embassies and consulates in 20 countries.

Yang Shu said that Chinese citizens are almost all over the world large and medium-sized cities, and even some villages, towns have, and the embassy institutions and personnel are limited, and therefore need to make full use of private channels. Chinese citizens in distress overseas, and sometimes embassy staff can not be the first time to reach, you can ask the liaison to go and see the situation.

Yang Shu said that the embassy and consulate to employ “insurance contact liaison”, in recent years, some embassies and consulates have begun to try, such as the Vietnamese Embassy in Ho Chi Minh City has done for many years. He said earlier this year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose China’s embassies and consulates in 20 countries as a pilot, will be formally established before the end of the system of contactor insurance.

According to the briefing, the guarantor liaison mainly by the local Chinese and overseas Chinese, not the official staff of the embassy, but a similar volunteer, to provide services for Chinese citizens. Yang Shu said that after the establishment of the system, will further clarify how to choose liaison, liaison in the end what to do, what responsibilities, to give any support and so on.

According to the briefing, the “liaison officer” training for 11 days, the training content, including consular protection and the introduction of China’s diplomatic situation, in addition to hire legal experts to introduce the relevant legal issues related to insurance. “Next, there will be security, first aid training.” Yang Shu said that, in short, in helping consular consular protection needs to use the skills to master the knowledge, will be introduced to the liaison.

Foreign “troublemaker” embassies and consulates will help relieve?

Inspector Yin Fei of the Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office said that there are several principles for the consular protection. The first principle is the nationality principle. For China, the first is that Chinese citizens will not provide protection if they join other countries. Voluntary principles, problems, need to volunteer to help, if the other party does not want, then the insurance institutions can not do anything; there is a principle that is legal, limited principle.

Yin Fei said that when Chinese citizens are in danger abroad and encounter difficulties, the government has the responsibility to provide assistance, but this assistance is not infinite and should follow the principle of legality and limitation. For example, some tourists to foreign tourism, foreign museums do not listen to dissuade, chaos touch chaos, accidentally broke the heritage of others. In this case, the protection of consular protection can provide help is the first to foreign governments to negotiate, requiring humane treatment of the parties, to protect their necessary procedural rights, such as hire a lawyer, contact their families, to provide translation services. “But our government, embassies and consulates can not go beyond the law,” Yin Fei said, “can not say that you made a law, we protect you from the law of punishment, the indemnity when the government can not indemnity for you, you”.

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