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2017 national test interview this month to get together the whole process of interviewing the record

BEIJING, Feb. 8 Xinhua days, multi-sectoral intensive announcement of the 2017 national civil servants recruited interview notice, many recruit units of the national examination interview will be held this month together. As the final test of the national sprint competition, the national test interview how to “test”? How to ensure fairness and justice? Written candidates to give up after the interview how to deal with?

State examination “hottest” post out of the interview list

– “Wanli pick one” change “five-person election one”

February 6, there have been 2017 annual national examination, “the hottest” position of the NLD Central announced the list of interviewers.

In this test, the NLD Central Office “reception officer and the following” post of the final competition heat more than “thousands of years to pick one”, refresh the national test history. In the NLD Central published interview list, the job interview score line up to 137.5 points, the final five finalists.

The national examination, a total of more than 120 central organs and their immediate institutions and civil servants with the law governing the management of the unit recruited more than 2.7 million people, public subjects written on November 27 last year. The national examination of a total of 1,486,300 people through the recruiting organs registration eligibility review, the actual reference number of 98.4 million people.

January 10 this year, the national examination of public subjects written examination results announced, the National Civil Service Bureau also published a written test scores and the first batch of more than 79,000 candidates to enter the interview list. From mid-January, the units involved in the national examination of recruiting released an interview announcement.

Interview held earlier Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, this year, January 15 to 20, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this year’s national examination and examination of professional subjects have been held, the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs in the January 15 to 17 Held a professional subject examination and interview.

Reporters observed that the vast majority of recruiting units interview time set in late this month to get together, especially in February 23 to 27, recruiting units in this period of interview arrangements are most concentrated.

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