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Andy Lau falling horse injury pelvic tear brokerage firm: At present all safe

According to Hong Kong media reports, 55-year-old Andy began to do a brand spokesman in 2008, Andy Lau has set off on Monday to Thailand to shoot new ads, according to local reliable sources, Hua Zi to Thailand suburbs shooting a horse scene, the horse suddenly mad, Andy accidentally fall into the horse, the horse more step on the waist, make him lumbar spine fracture.

Andy Lau recently for the new film “Great Wall” publicity, on the 15th to return to Hong Kong friends to Tai Chenlan birthday party, 16th to Thailand, unexpectedly happened, according to a local producer Ge said, when the scene has several horses Horses, and Andy riding a horse out of control suddenly he left, he was horseshoe stepped on, it is learned that serious injuries, ads have to suspend shooting.

Andy was then immediately to a hospital in Thailand, because of spinal injury, mobility, must take a medical plane back to Hong Kong, Hong Kong doctors to accept the diagnosis and treatment. Andy Lau, where the brokerage firm Hengtai Universal Co., Ltd. issued a statement, said: Andy Lau now all the peace, thank you for your concern.

Members of the media and all concerned friends:

Mr. Andy Lau in January 17, 2017 in Thailand, when shooting commercials, a little accident, fell off from the horse, resulting in a torn bone plate.

Mr. Liu currently has a good care of the medical team, at present all safe.

Please do not worry.

Thank you for your concern.


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