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Beijing Garrison District 2 “hanging Branch” staff officers were ordered to even under the army

In late November, two responsible officers of the company was transferred from the post, many excellent performance of the important security task, was awarded the second grade company commander Xie Jingye was leapfrogged as Battalion commander, the guards in the Beijing Garrison District, the news, causing a strong spiritual shock soldiers.

“The Party’s Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Party clearly pointed out that the election and employment must strengthen the leadership of the party organization and check the role of the formation of those who can be, Yongzhe, the inferior candidates out of the selection and orientation.” The regiment leaders said, They stiffen the wrist to correct potential candidates in the selection and use of bad habits, and establish a clean and healthy people selection and employment.

To this end, the group to develop “to further strengthen the construction of the views of cadres,” and other specific measures, clearly stipulates: age of the file in question, run around looking for clues, the suspect clues are not identified; Figure ease dawdle, boil first-class cadres, not only not to mention the use of, but also admonishing conversation, ordered rectification and so on. Not long ago, the Beijing garrison organized military officers to assess the quality of certification, two “linked to the Branch” of the organs of staff officers were ordered to even under the army.

At the same time, they also focus on the typical guide to work hard, so that officers and men to learn an example, only direction. Guo Jingping, director of the original police unit, served for more than two years, many successful completion of major security tasks, the party committee decided to report to the higher level approval, Guo Jingping was promoted to a camp as agent instructor.

Relying on the quality of conduct, with the performance of the progress of the employment-oriented, inspired officers and men of the whole group of officers and entrepreneurship enthusiasm. This year, the group has successfully completed the temporary security service tasks more than a thousand times, more than 10 cadres due to work well by the higher authorities selected.

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