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C919 aircraft to enter the first flight preparation phase is expected to fly in the first half of this year

January 17, China Commercial Aircraft Company Civil Aircraft Test Center, the new put into use in Shanghai Pudong Zhu bridge flight test aircraft spacious and bright.

Huge hangar, the original support C919 large aircraft landing gears were all received into the landing gear compartment, the three “jack” the same air spring to the aircraft from the top of the air. This is a complete ground-based resonant test and modal coupling test that must be performed before the first flight of the C919. The beginning of this test also means that the C919 enters the final sprint stage before the first flight.

At present, C919 has basically completed the airborne system installation and the main static, system integration test, enter the first flight preparation phase, is expected to be in 2017 in the first half of the dream of flying.

C919 large passenger aircraft such as “torture” as the whole machine 2.5g static test

November 8, 2016, C919 large aircraft ushered in the “birth” since the first and most severe of a “wings.”

“Loading 5% to 5% level, step by step to 20%, check the equipment” ……

“Load to 50%. Hold for 3 seconds” …

“Load to 85%. Load for 3 seconds” …

Along with the red data changes, a curve at the same time on both sides of the big screen on the move, reflecting the C919 large passenger aircraft first static test machine internal response – aircraft as do ECG, covered with white tape, tape Which is close to the body surface can be sensitive to the measured stress and strain of the strain gauge. This measure is not the beating of the heart of C919, but the strain and deformation of the body “bone” in the case of external constant loading. As the load continued to load, the airplane began to show a clear external response, and the wing began to tilt up a little bit … Finally, when the load reached 100% of the required test outline, the wing tip rose up nearly 2 meters.

Finally, C919 large passenger aircraft successfully passed the “torture” general 2.5g static test machine, the test results and the strength of the pre-test is highly consistent, indicating that its strong “bones” and the body is sufficient to support flying on the blue sky, For the first flight to lay a solid foundation.

“The structure must be able to withstand the ultimate load of 3 seconds without damage. Do not look at this short 3 seconds, behind the preparatory work is far more than 300 days.” C919 deputy chief designer of large passenger aircraft, said Zhou Liangdao.

In layman’s terms, the static test is to allow the aircraft to accept a variety of challenges, beyond the limits of the test test. Let the aircraft in the ground state, the simulation in the air when the force of the situation, to verify in the air in the end can withstand much power. Therefore, the whole machine static test aircraft development process is the flight test and design one of the prerequisites for stereotypes. As a result of a passenger aircraft static test project amounted to more than 20 items, longer duration, also known as the aircraft test in the “marathon”.

“The whole machine static test is to test the aircraft’s compression capacity and withstand the limit, is the whole machine and each key components and their connection structure were assessed.According to airworthiness requirements, these assessments include both the aircraft structure of the fuselage, Wing, horizontal tail, hanging and other segments, but also including the landing gear door, fuselage door, the activities of the airfoil, etc. “Shanghai Commercial Aircraft Design and Research Institute of the strength of Minister Li Qiang said.

Before the first flight, C919 large passenger aircraft must be completed pressurized cabin pressurization, the former connection, the main starting connection, the whole situation, vertical tail and rudder, 13 a total of 48 conditions of the static test, the progress of a direct impact C919 whether the first flight.

Booster pressurization test of the aircraft like a huge pressure cooker, the gate to bear the load of 16 tons

Many people may not know, in the aircraft cabin design pressurized equipment, used in the air thin air to the cabin to increase the pressure to keep passengers in the most comfortable atmospheric pressure has a good flying experience. At this point, the aircraft to withstand the enormous pressure caused by internal and external load. The structural design of the aircraft can withstand the test of this load? This is the C919 large passenger aircraft for the first static test – pressurized cabin pressurization test.

“In order to maintain passenger comfort, the aircraft at high altitude will use pressurization equipment pressurization to the cabin, making the cabin about the equivalent of about 2,400 meters above sea level atmosphere.” China Commercial Aircraft Design and Research Institute of Shanghai Vice Minister of strength Zhu Lin Just said.

Limiting the load test of an aircraft must take into account the most severe scenarios encountered by aircraft in operation. In the pressurization chamber pressurization test, the need to simulate the pressure of 0.8 atmospheric pressure. “The test environment in Shanghai is probably about 1 atmosphere, so we have to the cabin filling 1.8 atmospheric air, to simulate the pressure. Do not underestimate the pressure of 0.8 atmospheric pressure, which is equivalent to the gate Size of the body to exert a load of 16 tons. “Static test team strength of the site, said Zhao Junfeng.

“The test of the aircraft like a huge pressure cooker, there have been outside the pressurized cabin extreme load test when the door burst out of the situation.If there are any parts of the top pressure to fly out, it is very dangerous.” Zhao Junfeng said, “In the test, we give the aircraft made a protective net, in order to better observe the aircraft by the load situation, some parts of the air out of the body.When doing the ultimate load test, the test pressure on this basis, 1.5 times the aircraft will be covered with a big cover up, the pilot must leave the scene, through pre-installed sensors and video equipment measurement and observation test.

May 13 last year, witnessed in the people, C919 large passenger aircraft pressurized chamber pressurized test successfully completed for the static test opened a good start. However, more important than the pressurization chamber pressurization test itself, is the test data to verify the strength calculation method.

“We can do a computer simulation of the severe conditions at all parts of the airplane and get a conclusion that the aircraft design meets the strength requirements, but in real tests it is impossible to do so much static testing, wasting money and wasting time, Can choose the most demanding conditions for testing, the key parts of the assessment.While the airworthiness authority is recognized simulation results, we must rely on the test data to speak. “Zhao Junfeng said, after completing the pressurization chamber pressurization test, immediately test The data are compared with the intensity calculation data, and the test data are in good agreement with the calculated results. This proves the validity of the designed strength calculation tool, and carries out the follow-up C919 airliner limit load static test or other models Static tests are also very important.

China’s first independently developed regional jet airliner ARJ21, in the static test also experienced a test

Fly in Shanghai, China Aircraft Design and Research Institute, the strength of the team is a young team, which is almost all “80 after” “90”. In many areas of expertise is still a blank of China’s civil aircraft industry, which through the tireless efforts and struggle to grow up the team has cut a striking figure, from the original 30 to 40 people grow to more than 220 people, is also a valuable development of China’s civil aircraft wealth. In their efforts, C919 aircraft has also been successfully passed the whole machine 2.5g static test. This is one of the most difficult and riskiest pilot projects to verify that the aircraft is under 2.5 times the weight of the load case. The 2.5g this figure, has also been an almost strength of the team and even the young Chinese civil aviation industry, “pressure” into the abyss of gravity.

December 1, 2009, China’s first independently developed regional jet ARJ21 new regional aircraft during the 2.5g machine stable pitch static test process, when the load is applied to the 87% load, keel after the extension of the structure encountered Destruction, the structure can not continue to carry, the test was suspended. This means that not only the follow-up more than 20 static test can not continue to carry out, and is in full swing of the test flight had to stall across the board. This has been facing enormous pressure on the progress of the new regional jet project, the same worse.

As the ARJ21 static test site, Zhao Junfeng was suddenly on the Mongolian. At that time, Zhu Lin Gang is also responsible for the strength of the body is still clearly remember that moment the scene and that a “dark” time, “everyone carrying the pressure are particularly large, depressing breathless.” The “strong backbone for the design of large aircraft in China” for the mission of the young strength of the technical team, in a very long time to face in front of people, “straighten the backbone of” embarrassment and distress.

June 28, 2010, after 7 months of the Jedi hard, ARJ21 new regional aircraft 2.5g ultimate load test is 2.5g static test finally passed, applause, cheers, happy crying overflowing the entire test site.

Zhu Lin Gang said that it is the largest aircraft strength technical team most unforgettable journey, “7 months, at all levels of leadership under the leadership of our analysis of the reasons, the amendment program found, the fault recovery, The whole process of the quality system, and then finally dry into the matter.More importantly, this 7 months we are no longer just colleagues, but his comrades.

In this case,

Civil aviation industry exposure Nanyuan Airport aircraft engine suction hole lantern

Microblogging business users of Civil Aviation Service Forum released a graphic message, said Nanyuan Airport, a plane encounter bright lights, the picture shows an aircraft engine blades hanging on a broken hole light. At present, Nanyuan Airport has not responded to the matter.

In this release by the civil aviation professional microblogging, the screenshot of the two civil aviation “flying circle” group chat, which was asked to know whether the Nanyuan Airport Kong Ming Deng was inhaled aircraft engine incident, a claim to just work from Nanyuan Airport Of the users respond to know the matter “just sucked a hole in the aircraft lights.” This microblog matches a picture of an airplane engine inhalation lantern.

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