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Foreign media: the United States to incite the song “robbery Chinese” tens of thousands of people petition the White House forbidden

September 29 reported that foreign media, more than 30,000 Chinese Americans have a letter in the White House petition signature, asked the White House to ban a rap song. Chinese media described the song “inciting robbery Chinese.”

According to the BBC Chinese network reported on September 28, the first called “meet the robbers,” the song by the American hip-hop singer YG creation, starting in 2014. But the Chinese in the September 21 launch and signing of the White House petition letter, subject to a wide range of attention. At present, there are about 3.8 million signatures.

If a petition signed by 100,000 people, the US government must give an official reply. The deadline for the petition is October 21.

The song contains the following lyrics: “First, you find a Chinese community house, because they do not believe the bank.

On the video platform YouTube, the song’s MV shows that two people wearing a mask armed with guns entered the home of a Chinese family, “robbery” of jewelery, money, cash and clothing.

Chinese media are also concerned about the news of the petition, and triggered a wave of 3.8 million Chinese Americans discriminated against the anger and fear.

The petition appealed to all “public media” to ban the song “Meet the Robbers,” and urged Washington to “investigate the legal responsibility of the songwriters,” the report said.

Chinese media have reported on the matter. “The US songwriters’ incitement to ‘rob the Chinese’: the FBI is involved in the investigation,” the report added, “The video has not been removed from platforms like YouTube.”

Sina entertainment in its micro-blog to share the lyrics, saying “cause Chinese fury”, “FBI said the song is not only vulgar is also worrying.”

“It encourages violence and crime against Chinese people,” the official Chinese – language newspaper People ‘s Daily said in a social networking micro – letter “calling for action in Chinese communities in the United States and signing petitions.

China’s social media microblogging, the majority of readers read the relevant news and reports, I feel discriminated against and expressed anger. Netizens said that the body in the United States or overseas Chinese face the status of low status.

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