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German media said the Chinese people eat meat not only affect health: will lead to global warming

November 23, German media said that for the Chinese people, climate change is mainly due to old cars and large industrial facilities, emissions. But many people do not know that eating habits also affect global warming: Chinese meat demand is increasing – cattle, pigs, poultry farming and related agricultural direct and indirect greenhouse gases are also increased.

According to the German “New Deutsche Zeitung” reported on November 22, China’s National Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation Center Director Li Junfeng pointed out that the livestock industry is ranked the coal, oil and natural gas combustion after the world’s second largest source of greenhouse gases. “Not only China, the world must reduce the greenhouse gas produced by animal husbandry.” FAO data show that global human-made greenhouse gas 14.5% from the animal husbandry: from feed cultivation and processing, livestock shed ring heating, Meat processing to transportation to consumers. Gases from the digestive tract of ruminants also account for a large proportion.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) notes that the warming effect of the total annual greenhouse gas produced by the livestock sector is equivalent to 7.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, while cattle, the largest source of meat and dairy products, emit large quantities of greenhouse gas methane .

As a result, beef is ranked very high on the list: FAO data show that the production of 1 kg of beef protein equivalent to emissions of 300 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent. In the case of sheep and goats it is 165 kg CO 2 equivalent, and the corresponding carbon dioxide equivalents for milk, poultry and pork production are less than 100 kg.

Reported that, although not yet reached the level of Germany, but with the increase in wealth, the Chinese people’s meat demand is increasing. According to the Wildlife Rescue Association in San Francisco, the per capita consumption of meat in China in 2015 is 63 kilograms, and the per capita greenhouse gas produced by these meats is equivalent to 876 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

In contrast, the German Federal Ministry of Nutrition and Agriculture data show that the German per capita consumption of meat in 2014 about 88 kg. “China ‘s per – capita meat consumption is still lower than in the United States and other countries,” said Li, a party from Greenpeace China. “But China’ s meat consumption is twice the amount recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society.

Therefore, the Chinese government in May this year launched a campaign called to reduce meat consumption – in Lee’s view, the results in general. “It is important to understand the health risks associated with eating meat and the impact on the environment, but a campaign is not enough to put an end to the increase in meat consumption.” He argues that China’s economic policy is better to support animal husbandry . “Although the increase in pork consumption has declined in recent years, but the next few years the average increase is still between 1% to 2%,” Lee said.

The Wildlife Aid Association estimates that by 2030, China’s per capita greenhouse gas emissions from meat consumption will be about 1.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, and the organization estimates that per capita meat consumption in China will increase to 94kg. “In China, eating meat means improving the quality of life,” he said, noting that urban household meat consumption is still much higher than that of rural households. “With the increase in urbanization,” says Li Guoxiang, a professor of rural development at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Meat consumption will also increase. ”

A survey conducted last year by the Royal Institute for International Studies shows that meat consumption still has a high social reputation in developing countries. The Institute asked residents of China, Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom on the relevant issues, just in China, meat is considered part of a healthy diet.

“If we should not eat meat, why do people now live longer?” The survey quoted one interviewee as saying, “People used to live only five or sixty years old, and now can live to at least 70 years old or 80 years old, Eat only vegetables is not enough to provide comprehensive nutrition. “Other respondents pointed out that no other food can replace the taste of meat. In addition, Chinese respondents believe that vehicle exhaust is a more serious problem.

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