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Henan many hospitals in the case of corruption nest: a laboratory director has 8 suites

30% rebate of domestic supplies, imported supplies rebate 25% … … Recently, Henan investigated more than from the medical equipment reagents, supplies on the illegal profit cases. Reporters survey found that, with the implementation of drug zero spread, and the community is increasingly concerned about drug corruption, some hospitals and doctors change the way, from the reagent, supplies to seize the benefits, means more subtle. Such cases of corruption usually last for a long time, involving huge amounts of money, involving many personnel.

The laboratory director has 8 suites

Home and office cash deposits of 9.5191 million yuan; bank deposits of 1.82 million yuan; shopping cards and gold and silver jewelry, such as the value of 200,000 yuan; claims 650,000 yuan; real estate, real estate, Nissan car a … …

August, Tanghe County, Nanyang City, Henan Province People’s Court to bribery and a huge amount of unidentified property, sentenced the property owner – Central Hospital of Nanyang City, Henan Province, Fan Zexu, director of the laboratory 14 years imprisonment and fined 200 million. And Fan Zexu the same section of the Deputy Director Shi Baohua corruption 1.82 million yuan, was sentenced to 6 years and 6 months. From October 2001 to May 2015 the incident, Fan Zexu, Shi Baohua, who from the reagents, supplies for corruption, which lasted 14 years.

Some orthopedics are almost completely annihilated

Coincidentally. Ma Moumou as the First People’s Hospital of Xinyang City, director of Orthopedics and Traumatology during the period, in accordance with the domestic supplies 30%, 25% imports of supplies, 20% of spinal spine supplies, traumatic supplies 30% of the ratio, Merchant rebate, amounting to 57.7248 million, the crime lasted 5 years.

Such cases show a nest case, string case, major and other characteristics. Tanghe County, Nanyang City procuratorial organs in the detection of Fan Zexu case, the clippers to obtain clues 43 cases, to other courts to transfer 25 clues, 25 people. 18 cases were investigated and handled by the hospital, 18 people involved in the case, of which 3 million yuan more than three cases. Tanghe County People’s Hospital blood transfusion section chief Zheng Xiaoling, Nanyang City Second People’s Hospital, Wei Wankun, director of the laboratory, nuclear medicine department Wan Chengbin, director of blood transfusion section Wang Yasong, who have sacked.

Xinyang City, a medical profession who told reporters, “In addition to Xinyang City, the First People’s Hospital, Xinyang City, the Fourth People’s Hospital, New County People’s Hospital, etc. As a unit of bribery, departments involved in each doctor, Xinyang City Some of the hospital orthopedic almost completely annihilated, and finally, had to let these doctors write an undertaking after the induction.

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