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Hong Kong media comment on the Mainland air sampler wearing “masks”: environmental officials involved in fraud

October 28 reported that Hong Kong media said the serious deterioration of air pollution in the Mainland, the country repeated orders to emphasize the management of haze, but some places are frequently manufacturing fake environmental data.

Hong Kong, “Oriental Daily” October 27 quoted the mainland media reported that, as the national straight pipe Xi’an Chang’an District, air monitoring stations, without permission to enter any person. However, since February this year, the Xi’an Environmental Protection Bureau Changan Branch officials stolen key and remember the password, with cotton yarn plug sampler, resulting in data anomalies. After the incident, a number of officials were investigated. Reported that the environmental data fraud than the economic data fraud is more abhorrent, because this approach not only deprived the public the right to know, but also to environmental monitoring early warning effect gone.

In recent years, the air quality data of some cities in the Mainland do not match the public’s feelings. Sometimes, the differences are still large. Reported that the problem lies in the official monitoring data fraud. For example, some environmental protection departments to modify the parameters; there are interference with the normal operation of automatic monitoring equipment, air quality sampling sites located in parks and other locations away from sources of pollution; change the air quality monitoring site near the environment in the surrounding sweep, Artificially reduce the pollution concentration and so on.

Ministry of Environmental Protection has announced that since last year found more than 2,600 cases of environmental monitoring data fraud, involving air, water, soil and other monitoring.

Reported that the environmental data fraud, mainly because of high-level attention to environmental protection in recent years, pushing environmental protection “one-vote veto” system, awarded the green in the excellent first, the appointment of cadres veto. The State Environmental Protection Department interviews with the mayor, the provincial mayors will go back all the anger to the Secretary for Environmental Protection, Environmental Protection Bureau in order to protect the yarn, do everything possible to make false data. Finally, the pollution problem is not resolved, but the data looks beautiful, “the village cheat rural, rural lie county, layers of the State Council.”

Although the new environmental protection law “tamper with, forged monitoring data” to deal with the provisions, while the re-enter the punishment, but the deterrent does not seem to be. More often, the responsible officials will not directly participate in the fraud, but the inspiration, acquiescence, connivance of others fraud, once the incident, only to find “temporary workers” top crime, so accountability often come to nothing.

Reported that the pollution has become a public nuisance, the problem of governance should also take a combination of professional departments and the way the masses of supervision in order to completely cure the problem. For example, rather than let the Ministry of Environmental Protection to monitor, as this business to the market, by an independent third party or public interest organizations. Shandong Province has revealed, monitoring data reported by the municipalities on their own, the province’s good rate of 95%, but third-party monitoring data show that a good rate of only 60%.

China’s environmental governance, should play a people’s war to participate in the people, everyone is a supervisor, all the media public should participate in the supervision, rather than let some environmental officials to cheat layman, oral control, action is false, muddle Clearance.

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