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Korean media said Park Ji-hyun still refused to take the initiative to resign the presidential palace to prepare for the Last Stand

According to Yonhap news agency 21, South Korea’s three opposition parties decided to jointly to the Park Jin-Hui for legal accountability, and jointly promote the impeachment case, which means that the future opposition party will enter the impeachment preparatory work stage. The Democratic Party, the National Party and the Justice Party have announced that they will work closely with civic groups and the “non-Pak Pai-hui factions” within the ruling party to promote the impeachment of Park Geun-hui. For the still fierce voice of the park, Cheong Wa Dae area seems unmoved. South Korean media analysts believe that Park Jinhui will not easily resign.

The Common Democrats said Monday they would seek the impeachment of Park Geun-hui, and will actively engage with the new National Party “non-Pak factions.” The National Party of the day of the very measures Committee and Congress held a joint meeting, decided to impeach Park Ji-hui as the party’s will. The party also said it would make unremitting efforts to cooperate actively in Congress to win over 200 members of parliament for the impeachment of Park. Justice party first Shen phase 21, also publicly stated that in order to force Parkie strong pressure to require the prosecution immediately forced search Pu Gei-Hui, while Congress significantly reduced Cheong Wa Dae’s budget expenditure, immediately set up impeach Park Geun Hye committee.

South Korea’s SBS television reported on the 21st, the special inspection group’s findings show that Park is president of Cui Shun Shi Cui Shun, An Zhongfan conspiracy, which means that she committed two consortia in the process of the establishment of Hyundai Motor, Lotte, Pu Such as the Korea Iron and Steel Corporation, Korea Telecom and other enterprises. The prosecution suggested that President Park can be applied to the abuse of power crime, but some crimes can also apply the “third party bribery.” South Korean judicial circles generally believe that as the perpetrators of the crime of Cui Shun real, An Zhongfan, who has been clearly the facts of the crime and was detained in the case, as the mastermind Park Ji-hui, if not president, I am afraid to escape the fate of being detained. Judicial sources pointed out that according to the existing evidence, Park Ji-hui after leaving office if prosecuted, may be sentenced to the highest imprisonment for 7 years and 6 months.

According to Yonhap news agency reported on the 21st, the South Korean government announced on the same day, at the 22nd meeting of the State Council will consider the adoption of “the appointment of independent prosecutors to investigate the Park Ki-hui government cronies to win the case”, which shows that President Park Ji-hui has clearly accepted the independent prosecution survey. The Act stipulates that two independent prosecutors are to be nominated by the opposition parties, the Common Democracy Party and the National Party, and the President appoints one of them as an independent prosecutor. Independent prosecutors up to leadership, including 20 prosecutors, including 60 deployed civil servants handling the case. The Independent Procuratorate will conduct a 20-day preparatory work from the date of appointment, conduct a 70-day investigation after the expiry of the preparation period and decide whether or not to prosecute. If approved by the President, the investigation time can be extended for 30 days.

Park Ki-hui has decided to appoint 4-5 lawyers to form a lawyer group, and the forthcoming next month to carry out an independent prosecution group “struggle.” 20, South Korean presidential office Cheong Wa Dae spokesman for a press conference held on the same day the prosecution’s “trusted door” interim results regret, saying the prosecution as the president has been convicted, that should be through the Congress to start impeachment procedures to expose the truth. Yonhap news agency said the South Korean presidential palace ready to backwater. Some analysts believe that, in fact, by Congress to start impeachment Park Ji-hui’s success rate is still high. However, even if the successful impeachment of the Constitutional Court also need a final ruling, these processes need at least six months. “Korean National News,” 21, said the position from today’s Cheong Wa Dae, Pak Kyu-hui President seems to have even promised to “allow Congress to recommend neutral Prime Minister” commitment is also intended to overthrow. In the face of millions of public anger shouting, Park Jin-hui seems to turn a deaf ear, continue to ignore public opinion in the stage. From the present situation, no matter how strong the Republic of Korea “can not agree with such a president”, President Park will continue to fight for the time on the ground on the grounds of “maintaining the constitutional order”. Kim Hyung-Joon, a professor at Korea’s Wise University, said that while President Park had always talked about the country and the nation, he thought that it would be best to put personal interests at the top of the line.

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