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Korean media: three Chinese warplanes overflew the South Korea, “skies”

According to Yonhap reported that three Chinese military aircraft including the bomber, flying short overlap ROK air defense identification zone, close to Su rocks south of Jeju, South Korean military aircraft later took off “escorted” away, the incident took place in Korea and the US decision after deploying Sad systems, therefore attracted speculation.
Recently, the Chinese H-6 bombers and transport -8 warning aircraft and the Russian Tu-95 bombers appeared in the same day in the waters surrounding Japan, causing great concern in Japan Self-Defense Forces.

August 19, Japan’s defense ministry also announced that found a Chinese Air Force transport -8 warning aircraft H-6 bombers and two in the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan flights. On the same day found that four Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers in the Sea of Japan and the Pacific flight.

According to CCTV news client 20 reported that the East China Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy Air Force bomber in a high intensity for several days in a certain area of the Sea of Japan organized the ultra long-range combat background raid drills, thousands of kilometers away from each raid and raid way to simulate the “enemy” ships saturation attacks, enhance the ability of continuous offensive operations under a maximum range bomber force.

Dawn, ground soldiers arrived on time field of aircraft inspection, focusing on the key parts of aircraft engines, steering systems, to conduct audits, to ensure that the aircraft without risk to heaven. After receiving aircraft pilots, fighters quickly slide into the runway, long, wingman intervals less than a minute chronological facing the sun off, then, long after wingman formation flying in the air far from the sea.

For several hours in the ultra long-range strike, the pilots need good distribution of attention, always pay attention to the machine instrument, proofreading good routes and routes height to prevent straying into other countries’ civil aviation routes and airspace. Furthermore, the air will be more unknown risks, the impact of meteorological relatively large, training, pilots can sometimes be visually observed through experience, make the right judgments, in a timely manner to avoid risks.

After more than two hours of flight, the aircraft arrived in attack position, then quickly to seize the aircraft fleet emission battle position, the locking hundreds of kilometers away “enemy” ships, simulated launch a new air-to-ship missile, after the completion of the attack, along the original formation return route. 11 pm, the planes have landed, the day of the exercise to a successful conclusion.

East China Sea Fleet Air Force bomber in an army for several days in the Sea of Japan ultra-long-range strike drills
This year, the organization naval air force planes went away four batches of sea training. The training is a routine annual training arrangements Navy in international waters far from the sea training is a common practice in the world’s navies, not directed against any specific country, region and objectives, in line with international law and practice.

August 14, attended the “Pacific Rim -2016 exercise” Chinese naval fleet Xi’an 153 ships, 572 ships Hengshui, 966 Lake Gaoyou ship enters the Sea of Japan via the Soya Strait. August 16, the East China Sea Fleet of the Chinese Navy ship 532 Jingzhou, Yangzhou 578 ships, 886 Lake ship via the Tsushima Strait into the Sea of Japan.

From August 18, the two sides launched a real confrontation exercises, bombing knot also involved. According to the “Liberation Army Daily” reported that the training site, both red and blue you attack me play, after suffering the red side of the sea and air assault coordinated, as the blue side of the ship formation Xi’an quickly fought back, the red side Naval Fleet immediately organized defense perspective, the scene is full the thick smell of gunpowder.

According to Xinhua News Agency reported that during rough seas, the country of his military aircraft to Chinese naval vessels have been at or near the reconnaissance and surveillance, Chinese naval vessels were promptly take the necessary measures to deal with.

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