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Li detailed Chinese appeal

At the opening of the summer Davos Forum after the speech to boost the world’s confidence in the Chinese economy, Premier Li keqiang further to entrepreneurs from around the world learn more about China’s “attractive”.

The morning of June 28, Li met with entrepreneurs 2016 Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin, on issues of concern to Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs Frank response to all. The Prime Minister said, China’s huge market demand in the transition process, the Government will further liberalize foreign access, create a fair market environment.

He stressed: “China remains largest potential investment markets in the world, is one of the most attractive investment hot spot. ”

United States when Saif (Salesforce) Chairman and CEO Benioff’s question, are the two “big” question: what are the most pressing challenges and difficulties faced by China? how we as entrepreneurs to cooperate with China?

“The biggest challenge facing China’s economy, it’s hard to describe in one sentence, but there is at least a double challenge lies ahead. “He responded,” is a weak recovery in the world economy brought about by uncertain and unstable external environment, China’s economic long-term accumulation of contradiction and development of traditional extensive way, intertwined and institutional mechanisms of obstacles, promote reform in China face huge challenges in transition. ”

The Prime Minister said, China of course would not blame the world economic difficulties, but by its own innovation, promote economic restructuring and upgrading, to achieve sustainable and healthy development.

“This process requires the active participation of foreign companies, since the opening and reform coexist, in many ways, open to force China to reform. “The Prime Minister said that” foreign companies will bring new technology and management experience, on Chinese enterprises and industrial upgrading has been a big help. Meanwhile, foreign companies will work with Chinese companies, forced the Government to increase service levels, advance the reform of institutional mechanisms. ”

Li said China’s economic transformation process, grow, services in the growth of the new economy, the upgrading of traditional industries in advance, have great market demand. China will further relax foreign investment access criteria, create a market environment for fair competition.

“I want to emphasize that foreign companies investing in China and cooperation process will likely encounter all kinds of difficulties, and even sometimes there is friction, but over the years large accounts, the vast majority of foreign companies in China will have a relatively high rate of return. “The Prime Minister said. Upon completion of the translation, he added in English: “I want to, not only are the vast majority of, may be more than 99%. ”

“Last week, United Kingdom referendum after exit, capital market reaction, thereby highlighting the global capital markets in countries and regions is highly associated. “KPMG Global Chairman weimeiye said in the question,” is also highly concerned about the development of China’s capital market. What the Chinese Government will take measures to further strengthen and develop China’s capital markets and the financial system? ”

“Indeed, the world financial markets because the United Kingdom referendum results of exit, has been in fluctuation. But we want everyone to join hands to boost confidence, prevent the spread of panic, maintaining stability in international capital markets. “The Prime Minister said.

Answered in the, Li keqiang times reference data support judge: China capital markets in whole financial system among share is small, Enterprise directly financing only accounted for 15%, so has necessary development more level of capital markets; China residents savings rate long-term partial high, savings accounted for China GDP50% around, also makes enterprise lever rate high, so China is take variety measures, including development more level of capital markets, and advance market of debt restructuring, and bankruptcy merger, way, to gradually reduced enterprise of lever rate.

“I would also like to explain to you is, 1 to May this year, Chinese companies ‘ profits grew by 6.4%, it shows that we are reducing the non-financial enterprises leverage and the basis for the benefit of enterprises also have room for improvement. “The Prime Minister said.

Li stressed that China will do its utmost to maintain the stability of financial and capital markets, also through financial reform to develop the capital market. In this process, we will highly against systematic and regional financial risks.

“As China’s economy, China’s short-term fluctuations in certain areas of the capital market is sometimes inevitable, but we will not allow ‘ blowout ‘ or ‘ Cliff ‘. “He said,” in the meantime, we will be in accordance with market rules and international practice, including on individual violations dealt with according to law, capital market development, developed. It plays an important role in supporting China’s economy will be. ”

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