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Li keqiang attended the 2016 Davos

Premier Li keqiang, the morning of 27th at the 2016 Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Li said, the summer Davos Forum after a decade of growth, trees, fruits, to show the world China’s achievements and the reform and opening up and modernization process, for the development and prosperity of China and the world have contributed their wisdom and strength. To promote the recovery and growth of the world economy, requires the parties to jointly create a stable international environment, and actively implement structural reforms, speed up economic restructuring and upgrading, promoting the efficient and orderly global governance, and build a fair, just and open international economic system.

Li introduced China’s economic situation. He stressed that the economic downturn in recent years amid pressure, we face the difficulties, creative macro, and vigorously promote structural reform, focusing on building new momentum, transforming and upgrading traditional energy, maintaining a steady economic growth, growth in the world’s major economies ahead. Innovation and adjustment made new progress in transition, the leading role of consumption and services becomes the first major industry advantage emerging, new technology, new formats such as the rapid economic growth, transformation and upgrading of the industry is in rapid development. China’s long-term economic fundamentals have not changed for the better, hope is always greater than difficulties.

Li pointed out that China’s economy is in a crucial period of the conversion of kinetic energy and the transformation and upgrading of old and new. We will insisted development first priority, implementation innovation, and coordination, and green, and open, and shared development concept, in moderate expanded total needs of while, firm advance structural reform especially supply side structural reform, grasp to capacity, and to inventory, and to lever, and drop cost, and fill short Board, makes development from excessive rely on natural resources steering more relies on human talent resources, keep economic in the high-speed growth, and towards in the high-end level.

Innovations lead to economic restructuring and upgrading. In-depth implementation of the strategy of innovation-driven development, building an innovation-oriented country, and developing the new economy and foster new kinetic energy and promote public undertaking, the much anticipated innovation, promoting “Internet +” action, set the public intellectual, huizhong, shared economic development and the economy, foster new economic growth points.

To comprehensively deepen reform, promote economic restructuring and upgrading. Promoting decentralization, pipe, optimizing service and other reforms. Using the means of marketization and the rule of law and eliminate serious excess capacity, efforts to solve the surplus staff shunt placement problems. Coordination, taxation, banking, State-owned enterprises, access to markets and other key areas of reform, economic development and greater vigor thus released.

Open to boost economic restructuring and upgrading. To improve the level of the open economy, expanding services and general manufacturing open, creating a more fair, transparent and predictable investment climate. As long as the enterprises registered in China, both domestic and foreign, owned or joint ventures, we have treated them seriously.

Li stressed that we would like to work with States to hold a new round of the world revolution of science and technology and industrial change opportunity, promote implemented in the transformation and upgrading of the steady recovery of the world economy, creating a better tomorrow!

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