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Media: It seems to be a bit awkward for Singapore to touch a few nails in China

Over the past year or so, there has been a bit of wind and rain between China and Singapore. My island has long been written, “the South China Sea water is too deep, Singapore, you do not blindly and the” (Click here to read).

But recently, Singapore’s attitude seems to have changed a bit. This is reflected in the recent remarks of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore.


“It is possible for many countries to pursue unilateralism,” Lee Hsien Loong said. “It will be a very difficult environment for a small country like Singapore,” he said.

Lee also spoke highly of Xi’s speech at the Davos Forum, saying that his positive comments on globalization and China’s openness were “very persuasive” and that the appeal for people to share the fruits of globalization was “extraordinary” , Because the content of this speech will generally be considered to be published by the Western leaders or the president of the International Fund, China to promote the strategic environment changes.

At the end of his speech, Lee Hsien Loong also stressed that “China-US relations are one of the most important bilateral relations in the world. Singapore has always been a friend of these two countries and wants to continue to be their friend.” The United States should strive to cultivate a common and not exclusive ‘circle of friends’ in the Asia-Pacific region, and Singapore would like to be in the overlapping region of the two forces. ”

In fact, there have been many people in Singapore earlier as “relatives”, after all, where the proportion of Chinese stood. But the two-year mutant style of the new party mutations, but also to China from the official to the private sector began to re-examine.

Think about it is a “relatives” countries, and actively follow the United States “to return to the Asia-Pacific” strategy, with a lot of bilateral defense agreements signed; not only in the South China Sea to touch the United States warships and aircraft resting place, Lee Hsien Loong said the differences in the South China Sea, said, “Our views are not entirely consistent, but we are not opposed to … … must not affect the overall relationship between the Under the premise of dealing with these issues. ”

As a result, China with Malaysia to get a deep-water port, it was interpreted as “to deal with Singapore in economic and trade”; had very low-key, with Taiwan for a long time “starlight” plan, but also because of their own oolong, 9 armored cars sleepwalk In the Hong Kong SAR port “landing” by the SAR Customs seized according to law.

This repeated relations between, sometimes a little sign of trouble meaning.

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