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Meteorological department: will appear “the coldest weather since 1992” Department of rumors

(Reporter Zhao Yingyan) recently in the social network, WeChat circle of friends, each group crazy pass a “will appear since 1992, the coldest weather” weather information. Today night, the Central Meteorological Station issued a rumor in its official number, in late January, most of northern China temperatures will be high 1 ~ 2 ℃, parts of South China, the southwest and other places close to the eastern part of the same period. Before the Spring Festival, there will be a number of cold air process, but the overall strength is not strong, there is very cold weather possibility is very small. (WeChat ID: fzwb_52165216)

In fact, this rumor is not the first time. In November 2016, some people in the circle of friends everywhere to share the dissemination of the information. Because the rumors of the date is not clear, in January this year, “resurgence”, began a second large-scale spread. The spread is probably due to last January ‘s “King class” cold wave so that we unforgettable, vivid. Therefore, the development of rumor has a new “hotbed.”

At present, in addition to the northeastern region, northwest and other regions were originally relatively cold, the rest of the country, including Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and so on have strokes. Baidu search-related information up to 4 million, the rumor of the news station has more than 500 articles.

Central Meteorological Station is expected during the Spring Festival East Asian winter monsoon intensity weak, late in late January to early February, the number of haze days in central and eastern regions may be high. In addition to the northeastern north, northeast of Inner Mongolia, northern Xinjiang, the temperature is lower than normal over the same period, the rest of the country the temperature close to normal or high over the same period. Precipitation in the southern part of the northeastern region, the Huanghuai area, the northern part of the southwest area, the northwestern part of the northwestern part of Xinjiang and the northern part of Xinjiang. However, during the Lunar New Year holidays, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River may have a low probability of occurrence of large-scale persistent low temperature freezing rain and snow disaster Staged low temperature rain and snow weather.

Meteorological departments to remind the professional weather also requested from the meteorological department. Meteorological sites, microblogging, WeChat are active on a number of stations of the figure, according to the need for attention and subscription.

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