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Ministry of Communications to promote the first post-license training mode will be implemented next month pay

Jinghua Times News (Reporter sand Xueliang) “after the motor vehicle driver training school first pay, time charging service contracts (model version)” issued yesterday. The text from October 1 this year to implement. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Transport “50% of the driving school training before the pilot will pay” as one of this year will promote the practical livelihood.

After the training period paid by each

Article VI of the contract model text “costs associated with payment” set out: to learn to drive a lump sum payment of “road traffic safety laws and regulations and relevant knowledge”, “safe and civilized driving knowledge” theoretical knowledge training fees and learning materials, profile material fees; after the completion of each driving skills training hours by appointment slots price paid training costs. Hours Price See different periods hereto.

In the annex to the contract, “the cost of motor vehicle driving training schedule constitute”, the fees are divided into five categories, namely related services costs (including textbooks, personal accident insurance, etc.), theoretical knowledge training, driving simulation training fees basic driving training and venues, road driving training. Wherein, after three charges subdivided into ordinary time, peak and holiday periods fake three categories, respectively, indicating hours Unit.

Coach Cable students can refuse to pay property

Model contracts clear, in the training process, if a man found driving school training institutions to provide qualified coach car untested, coaches and management staff training programs and reducing hours, forged or tampered training data, obtained from the driving school who accepted money or seek other interests and other issues, the right to request training institutions to be corrected, and can refuse to pay the cost of training the corresponding period.

In addition, the driving school training institutions have found unlicensed approved training ground or in the public security traffic management department designated routes in the traffic management department, the time to provide training services, training institutions the right to request to be corrected, and the corresponding chargeback the cost of training period.

>> Placement

Beijing has repeated charge Driving pilot Xiankao subjects

Reporters learned that, although Beijing is not the first post-paid training pilot areas, there are a few driving school has started a similar pilot.

Yesterday afternoon, the person in charge of a day on thousands of trainees driving school, the school launched two months ago from a junior version of “training before paying” pilot, ninety percent of the students have chosen this ways. In practice, a subject in front of the students passed the examination do not pay any fees after the student a test subject passing through the 122 unified platform for successful registration application, and then select the class and do not pay.

This is the name of the person in charge, he said the next step Driving envisaged that students in each class to coach after scoring, and through micro-letters and other payments. “Such coaches wages once the separation of the high middle and low,” and the coach can promote better services for students.

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