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Kyrgyzstan 14 military and police were arrested, or with the Chinese Embassy in the terrorist attacks on the incident

According to the Russian media 23, 14 Kyrgyz border guards were arrested on suspicion of illegal arms sales, the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan terrorist groups have been from the Where weapons are obtained.

Kyrgyz media reports, Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs Deputy Minister Abdel Karlof 21, held a press conference on this, saying that “involved in the division of the Border Service active duty officers and retired officers, there is a Ministry of the Interior 10 Bureau long”. But he did not disclose the specific number, “the case has been submitted to the Military Procuratorate, in order to facilitate the detection of the case, the current inconvenience to disclose more details.

Interfax news agency quoted Kyrgyz official sources as saying that a total of 14 border defense officers and the Ministry of the Interior Police arrested on suspicion of private arms sales. And pointed out that “after investigation, they had previously on the Kyrgyz Supreme Procuratorate staff and the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan terrorist attacks on the sale of weapons.”

“Bishkek Evening News” revealed that things originated in Kyrgyzstan police on September 27 an action. On the day of the arrest of an arms dealer, the person in the trial for their “home” in a Kyrgyzstan General Staff Border Service active duty officer. Shun Teng Mo Gua, not expected to pull out of this many people. Central Asia News Network pointed out that another 26 were involved in military and police were dismissed.

Russian news network, said the arms traffickers actually “very people”, the Department of Defense Commission Chairman of the Board of the driver. Law enforcement agencies found in their apartment several AK series of automatic rifles and a large number of ammunition, he will face “illegal hiding, transport and sale of arms,” the lawsuit.

On the number of outflow of weapons, Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs Deputy Minister Abdelkarov said, “the case is now responsible for the Military Procuratorate, because secret”, he “can not give the answer. The Interfax news sources pointed out that the General Staff of Kyrgyzstan was informed of the incident immediately after the inspection of the arsenal, the inventory found “less 26 automatic rifles, 14 pistols and 13,000 rounds of ammunition.”

Local police in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on August 30, 2016, local police said there were three people were injured in the local Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan near the explosion. Oriental IC data map

June 29, Kyrgyzstan highest seized a staff member of the car was placed due to an explosive device in the Bishkek suburbs exploded. August 30, the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan was suicide car bomb attack, resulting in three people were injured, the Embassy building seriously damaged.

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