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Philippine President Holds First Press Conference in China to Praise China as a Good Country

“Global Times in the Philippines, Singapore special correspondent Huang Dongxing Xin Bin,” “the South China Sea dispute aside, praised China is a good country,” Agence France-Presse reported on the 19th, at the first press conference held in China, the Philippine President Du Telt expressed this view. With the 20-day visit to China Duttett heavy itinerary – talks with Chinese leaders to start the meeting, the South China Sea dispute “soft landing”, the Philippine economic and trade cooperation upgrade to the outside world is widely expected. “China and the Philippines are on the South China Sea issue through the bilateral dialogue and consultation to properly handle the differences on the right track, which is the friendly neighbors get along with the proper way”, talking about the possible results of the two countries, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs “For the Chinese side, we have our own judgment on who will be friends and how to handle them on friends’ questions,” he said.

On the 19th, Duttle visited China the next day. On the same day, he met with Filipino nationals and held a press conference in his hotel. Duttlet said he took office to re-examine the country’s foreign policy, hoping to make more friends, rather than to establish the enemy. The state visit is also to pay tribute to the Chinese people and the Chinese government. He said that China has never invaded the Philippines, an inch of land, “During the Cold War, China is portrayed as a bad guy when we read from the books are Western concocted promotional materials. On the issue of the South China Sea, Duttett said that China has its historical rights, the Philippines have their own insistence. “In this case, are we arguing or talking? I will say, let us leave to talk later.”

Do not let the South China Sea dispute affect the dialogue between the two sides, is Duttert recently expressed the views of many times. On the 18th, when Duttert arrived at the hotel in Beijing, a reporter asked the South China Sea dispute, he replied that this is not one of the topics on the agenda. There may be mentioned, but we will “soft landing” will not come hard. Reuters reported that 19, the Philippine Foreign Minister Yasser also said in Beijing, the Philippines and China’s maritime disputes may take many years, or even a lifetime time to resolve, but this should not be to promote bilateral ties in the Philippines as a fetter.

Duttett’s meeting with Chinese leaders will begin on the 20th. President Xi Jinping will hold a welcoming ceremony for Duttett, meet with him and hold a welcome banquet. Premier Li Keqiang and Chairman Zhang Dejiang will meet separately. Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli will also attend the opening ceremony of the China-Philippines Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum with Duttett. “Japan’s economic news,” 19, said Duttlet and Chinese leaders will discuss the infrastructure construction and other economic cooperation and assistance programs to quell the South China Sea dispute the friction.

“The only hope of the Philippines in the economy, tell the truth, that is China.” The United States, “Time” magazine said that this is Duttlet to accept the Chinese media interview expressed views. In his pre-departure interview, he said that the trip to China was “a decisive moment in my presidency.” Turning to the change of attitude towards China, Duttert replied, “perhaps because I am Chinese, I have a sincere belief in life.”

According to the “Philippine Daily” reported on the 19th, 20, the Philippines and China will sign a tourism cooperation agreement is expected to attract more Chinese tourists to the Philippines. The same day, the Philippine Tourism Minister and the China National Tourism Administration will witness the leaders of the Philippines and China signed an agreement memorandum. A Philippine source told the “Global Times” reporter, in view of China’s vast tourism market, after the news that the Philippines and China to achieve mutual visa-free. However, analysts believe that the greater possibility is the two sides to simplify the visa policy.

In addition to tourism, the fight against drugs is the Philippine President’s visit to China to seek the focus of cooperation. Duttett’s powerful anti-drug measures have been criticized by some Western countries and human rights groups. A Philippine source told the “Global Times” reporter, the Philippine General Directorate of Police during the president’s visit to China and the Chinese Ministry of Public Security to communicate. Prior to this, the Philippine side law enforcement officers have to go to Nanjing to exchange relevant experience.

“Do Philippine President Duttett’s visit to China, the Philippines and China will discuss anti-narcotics issues? Will the Joint Declaration and other documents explicitly put forward cooperation in the field of drug control?” In response to such questions, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying 19 Said that this is indeed a matter of great concern to President Duttett. “We are willing to explore with the Philippine side in drug control and fight against drug crime and other aspects of active cooperation.Currently the relevant departments of both sides to maintain communication.

Along with Mr Duttlet’s visit to China are several cabinet ministers and a huge business delegation of 400. Philippine side sources told the “Global Times” reporter, Philippine heads of different departments are hoping to take this opportunity to interact with relevant departments in China, showing that the Philippines is very interested in all aspects of China. He himself entrusted to the Philippine side arranged to visit some of Beijing higher education institutions. Huaying Ying said that with the improvement of Sino-Philippine relations, I believe the two sides will certainly be able to expand and deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields to achieve common development.

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