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Fujian Department of Education was questioned after the night to stop the leak Third year, “Quality Inspection”

In the ongoing 2017 Fujian Province ordinary high school graduation class quality inspection (single) examination (hereinafter referred to as “quality inspection test”) in the alleged multi-Division suspected leakage, the Fujian Provincial Department of Education in the evening of January 17 emergency Stop the exam.

“Xiamen Daily” official microblogging on the 17th 23:44 Xu promulgated the news that the Ministry of Education in Fujian Province on the evening of January 17 emergency notification, January 18 high school quality examination suspended, English, history, biology papers are not enabled. By the school arrangements review review and teaching activities.

January 16 to 18 is the Fujian high school quality examination, originally scheduled for the morning of 18 test English, afternoon test biology or history.

Leaking questions

At 16:43 on January 16, claiming the Fujian high school science students friends “salted fish hosted Ann” released microblogging said, held on the 17th of mathematics, chemical test has not yet opened exam, but the problem has spread in the cheating group, Do not want to look at their own efforts to be cheated by others beyond … … we are not satisfied, please the relevant departments attention.

The users posted multiple pictures, several of which are suspected of 2017 Fujian quality examination exam two subjects of chemistry and chemistry papers, with a cheat group dialogue screen. At about 8 o’clock on the 17th, math “questions” and the answer has been in some cheating group crazy pass. 11, the surging news (www.thepaper.cn) to more than Fujian high school candidates to verify, have been told that the mathematical questions passed for the real volume.

16, the end of the language, physics two examinations are also accused of leakage problem. Surging News to join a number of “Fujian quality inspection exchanges (assists)” group, are “communication” as a pretext to attract a large number of candidates into the group, and then openly sell price to sell the answer.

At present, the relevant departments have not yet made a positive statement on the incident. At 17:50 on January 17, surging news called the Fujian Provincial Education Examinations test examination supervision of the phone, a staff member said, “No such thing”, then hang up the phone, do not respond.

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