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Rumors behind the water Pui Village: villagers eat a large bowl of banquet tenants barely subsistence

Shenzhen’s urban renewal has always been no shortage of overnight riches story, “Water Pui village old change” is undoubtedly observed in the process of urbanization in Shenzhen, a great window. Although the “demolition compensation 200 million” rumors, has been with three rumors of detainees come to an end, but around the urbanization process of the sample “water Pui village”, there will be more thinking and discussion.

530 table big bowl of vegetables feast, so that Shenzhen Water Pui village night red burst. Demolition compensation 200 million eventually proved to be false news, but there is no denying that the water to change the old village of Pui village to bring great wealth, demolition rumors of the myth did not disappear because of rumors. Around the water Pui village, this once lived 10 million people in the city village, there are too many stories, wealth and dreams, sad and parting with a Taiwan excavator into the water Pui village and staged. In Shenzhen land prices and housing prices triumph in the background, the water Pui village staged the story is to observe people and a city, people and this era of a great window. Water Pui Village transformation of the old village, is to understand the process of urbanization is an excellent sample.


Water Pui Village: a gold jewelry surrounded by the city

October 27, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter came to Shenzhen Luohu has put “530 tables large pots feast,” the water Pui Village, the old change site, the site has not seen the traces of large pots and banquets. Replaced by a few are under construction, issued bursts of roar of the excavator. Dozens of workers worked nervously on the site. Water Pui village is still standing on the west side of the site of the arch, the book on both sides of the book “water with the emperor Luoqing people think Chang Yan, Berlian and the source of the most clear day” couplet. Before being demolished, water Pui village is a typical city in Shenzhen village. According to the water village of Pui village records, water Pui village from the Ming Dynasty Yongle eight years that is 1410 to establish the village, has been 600 years of history, the earliest ancestor is Shenzhen Zhang Yuanjian.

In front of the water Pui village arch, erected a golden big water shellfish, water shell mouth with a “big pearl”, in the village park, the ground’s eye-catching position also nest with a cement sculpture water shell. This symbol, along with the name of the village, suggests a certain relationship with the jewelry here. In fact, the water has long been the pearl village of Shenzhen and the famous gold jewelry industry gathering area, water Pui village is called “the first village of Chinese jewelry.”

Beiqing Bao reporter walk through the water Pui Road, where the water from the Pui Village, only a few hundred meters from the old site, jewelry shops on both sides of the street everywhere, a block of buildings are called “Jewelry City” name. A transformation of the jewelry city with “high cost of land” to describe the lot, even the neighborhood Beili residential buildings are playing a jewelry business brand. In this by the water shell all the way, the water and the Beili Road Bei Road intertwined narrow “Delta”, now almost all the well-known gold companies have set up offices or branches here, almost all large jewelry Business are here to set up a sales point. At present, the water Pui gold jewelry industry cluster in the annual production and sales value of more than 100 billion yuan, has gathered more than 2,000 corporate jewelery enterprises, accounting for 70% of the country’s market share.

According to nearby residents, the demolition before here is the largest village in Shenzhen, is also a radius of many villages the most powerful one. Benefit reform and opening up the advantages of the front position, Dam Village as early as November 1984, on behalf of the collective registered “Shenzhen Water Pui Industrial Co., Ltd.”, dam village nearly 600 villagers to become the company’s shareholders. At present, its number of companies, involving restaurants, electrical maintenance, parking, property management.

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