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Shanghai Panda mother and daughter involved in the death of the zoo were exposed to death more than only the panda

There is no wild giant panda population in the north area and no wild environment. What is the significance of building a base there? Can adapt? ”

Death Archives

The giant panda “female”

21 years old

December 19, 2016 onset, December 26 morning died of death due to acute pancreatitis complicated by multiple organ failure

The giant panda “peanuts”

175 days of age / “female” female

December 23, 2016 6 pm morbidity, December 31 at noon died of death due to volvulus caused by large intestine necrosis complicated by multiple organ failure

21-year-old “women”, by the Sichuan home in Shanghai, has a daughter “peanuts.” July 9, 2016, “Peanut” was born, became the first born in Shanghai, the giant panda. However, more than half a month ago, the mother and daughter are both infected and died. The news as late as 19 to disclose … …

“Giant panda, the word rolling, No. glutinous rice balls.” Just 9 words, tells the people of the panda sympathy and affection. As China and the world’s “first idol group”, the giant panda family of any sign of trouble, are affecting every “cat powder” heart.

But this time, it is bad news. January 19 at 9:30, Shanghai Wild Animal Park (hereinafter referred to as “Ueno”) official microblogging announcement that the mother and daughter of the giant panda “female” and “peanuts” due to disease treatment ineffective, half a month ago Have died. The news then exploded on the Internet, as of press time, the microblogging reading nearly 200 million.

Deplored the occasion, questioned four. Giant pandas died half a month, why not hide? Is the Shanghai Wild Animal Park qualified to keep giant pandas? …

At 11:20 on the 19th, Huaxi Dushi Bao – cover journalists call the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, in order to learn more about the situation, while the other to “propagandists are not” refused to interview, saying “the unit 11 points Get off work to eat. ” In the afternoon, the reporter has used multiple numbers to call the Shanghai Wild Animal Park several times, or can not be connected, or transfer fax. As of press time, still can not get in touch with the Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

Conceal half?

Giant panda cause of death, why more than half a month after the announcement? Ueno response: multi-analysis of pathological results, 17 to form a report.

3 days have been infected, both within 6 days of death. Giant panda “female” and “peanuts” mother and daughter of the cause of death to conceal why more than half a month before the announcement?

Shanghai Wildlife Park staff in an interview in an interview, said the delay in publishing time is mainly affected by a combination of factors: on the one hand, “women” and “peanuts” the incidence of combing the causes and effects; the other hand, two Giant panda laboratory pathology results from Sichuan, Changchun, Shanghai and other places scientific research institutes together on the 17th to form a report for the scientific rigorous treatment of the matter, so the 19th release of the relevant information.

For the treatment of “female” and “peanut”, Shanghai Wild Animal Park official microblogging has the following statement: “After the onset of the giant panda, Shanghai Wild Animal Park and the China Giant Panda Protection Research Center, the center sent two veterinarians and a breeder And three veterans who were stationed in the Shanghai Wildlife Park and their veterinarians and breeders were involved in the diagnosis and treatment of giant pandas, unfortunately, the two pandas died because of their illness.

However, these claims have not been friends understanding. Netizen “Tang Xinlan t” said the original giant panda “dragon emblem” accidental death, Austria within 24 hours that the announcement of the world, to the cat powder informed of this sad message, “This is the most basic respect for cat powder.”

In addition there are a number of friends rebellion, in addition to “female” and “peanuts”, the Shanghai Wild Animal Park had also “raised a number of giant pandas,” were born in August 18, 1998 “National Day” “And” female “son” Ann “, are taken to conceal the way. Reporters multi-access to relevant information found that this claim has not been confirmed by official sources.

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