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Taiyuan Gujiao shopping malls fire 7 hours did not destroy the city was smoke enveloped

Taiyuan, February 10 (Reporter Hu Jian) ​​10 at 14 am, Shanxi Gujiao City Jinniu Street Golden Port shopping center fire, a radius of 5 km was smoke enveloped the whole city into a haze. As of press time, the fire has lasted nearly 7 hours, still not extinguished.

In the afternoon, the social network of video shows, located in the ancient city of shopping mall smoke billowing, filled with smoke almost swallowed the streets, fire engines are struggling to extinguish the fire.

In the new network reporter drove to the scene, far to smell the pungent smell of smoke, the streets clutching his nose and mouth, filled the smoke will be the whole city enveloped a layer of gray. Police in the incident around the scene wearing a mask to evacuate traffic, the scene gathered hundreds of people onlookers.

Song’s bookstore away from the scene only 20 meters, close to 14 o’clock, due to the sudden burning of the fire, Mr. Song early to close the booth. “Soon the fire engine came, but the fire is great, to several fire engines are not extinguished.” Many people in the scene onlookers, one to be three or four hours.

According to the scene witnesses, the incident for the shopping center, which sell some clothes, shoes and hats, the fire just happened to see a lot of people ran out, no trapped people.

According to the “Taiyuan Fire” official microblogging announced, February 10, 2014 at 14:09, Taiyuan City Public Security Fire Brigade Gujiao squad received instructions, said in Gujiao City Jinniu Street Golden Harbor Shopping Center basement fire, detachment command center Immediately mobilize eight squadrons 14 fire engines rushed to the scene to organize the rescue, did not find casualties and trapped personnel.

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