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The United States and then shot to stop the acquisition of Chinese enterprises in Germany said the acquisition threat to US security

[Global Times special correspondent in Germany, Aoki] Following the US intelligence agencies to put pressure on Germany, the Chinese acquisition of German semiconductor equipment maker Aisi Jiang was suddenly stopped, the US once again shot. According to the German “Der Spiegel” magazine reported on the 20th, Aisiqiang announced on the evening of 18, responsible for foreign investment review of the United States Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) told the company, China Fujian Hong core fund acquisition of AIXTRON involved in US security, Abandon a transaction. US Foreign Investment Committee will decide the right to President Obama, while Obama is not approved. The outgoing president has 15 days to decide.

The end of July this year, Fujian macro core fund to Aisi Jiang issued a 676 million euros offer, get love strong management support. In early September, the German Ministry of Economic Affairs approved the acquisition. Last month, the German Ministry of Economic suddenly halted the acquisition. The German newspaper “Business Daily” pointed out that the reason for this is that Washington to the German Chancellery House pressure, hoping to stop the acquisition on the grounds that “Ai Siqiang products may be used by the Chinese government for nuclear projects.” German Ministry of Economic Affairs admitted that the intelligence agencies involved in the United States only after the acquisition of this case lit red.

“Aisiqiang and Fujian Hongxin Fund have refused the United States to give up the proposal to trade,” Der Spiegel magazine reported that the US Foreign Investment Committee asked the German side to give up the sale is very rare. Often, the companies involved will be subject to the authority of the resistance, and then voluntarily give up the acquisition. However, the two involved companies have expressed the hope to find a solution to complete the acquisition.

This is not the first time that the Foreign Investment Committee of the United States has blocked purchases from China in Europe. “Business Daily” said earlier this year, the National Security Council on the grounds, to prevent the acquisition of Chinese investors with the Dutch electronics giant Philips’ s lighting brand Lumileds.

Why the United States in the German enterprises have the right to speak? Germany’s “Frankfurt Report” said that the US Foreign Investment Committee on behalf of several US ministries, including the US Central Intelligence Agency. The Commission not only intervenes in the acquisition of US companies, but also intervenes in the United States has business of foreign enterprises. In 2014, the Commission issued a security warning of 156 acquisitions. In law, the US government can not prohibit the acquisition, but the United States can issue a threat, such as preventing enterprises from entering the US market. The United States to prevent the acquisition, but also to strengthen the domestic industry. “Business Daily,” said the US side to stop the acquisition of love thinking strong, because the strongest love is the United States of America’s Core competitor Cree (Cree).

According to German media reports, at present, the German federal government still suspect the acquisition of German high-tech companies attempt. The European Union also plans to adopt guidelines to protect the high-tech enterprises of EU member states from being bought by non-EU investors.

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