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United Kingdom protesting Ou Gong cast removal results

“Really want to go, I want to stay.” This song almost two days many people “regretted” the best reflection of the mood. United Kingdom Ou Gong off to vote after the results are announced on 24th, many people online to participate in “the second referendum” petition through the limiting conditions of the referendum result of abolishing Ou Gong cast removal. As of the evening of 26th, more than 3.25 million people have signed. United Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said rules can be set up in advance of the referendum, but not after the re-establishment of rules. The possibility of this petition passed by the Parliament is zero. Meanwhile, United Kingdom internally whether the ruling conservatives or opposition Labor Party is a serious political crisis. United Kingdom the Lancashire Telegraph, lamented, “said United Kingdom was heading into uncharted waters.”

United Kingdom broadcaster said 26th because of their dissatisfaction with United Kingdom off Ou Gong vote results, local people signed the petition asking United Kingdom Parliament to reconsider the validity of the vote, called on the two referendums. Local people said in the petition: “we call on the Government to adopt such rules: in the case of turnout is less than 75%, if you support or oppose the exit number less than 60%, then it should be another referendum. “The petitioners said the 23rd United Kingdom off Ou Gong voted, turnout was only 72%, supported the exit of the vote is 51.9%, United Kingdom representative of public opinion is not enough. United Kingdom Parliament resumed on June 28. To this petition, support liuou Lamy, a Labour MP said that Parliament should discuss whether it should be implemented according to the results of the referendum United Kingdom EU steps to “let the Parliament vote to stop this madness.”

Reporter for global times, 26th open United Kingdom petition site found that as of 11 o’clock in the evening Beijing time, the number of petitioners have more than 3.25 million. In the 26th, at 3 o’clock in the morning local time, only 5 minutes the number of petitioners increased by more than 50,000 people, many Britons seem to awake.

Watson, an analyst said BBC political affairs, although the petitioners ‘ claims have merit, but they were immediately adopted by Parliament at the request of the possibility is zero. Watson said that the United Kingdom rules can be set up in advance of the referendum, but after the referendum is over, the losing side cannot establish rules. In addition, under the law, sign a petition with more than 100,000 issues can be in parliamentary debates, but does not require the implementation of the petition.

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