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XI and Putin hold talks

25th President, XI Jinping met here Monday with Russia President Vladimir Putin hold talks. The two heads of State agreed to adhere to the concept of strategic collaboration and friendship, increase mutual support and enhance political and strategic mutual trust, and strive to deepen the Sino-Russian strategic and cooperative partnership. Politburo Standing Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, Mr Zhang gaoli attended.
He pointed out that, in recent years, Sino-Russian high-level maintain close communication, top design and played an important leading role in promoting the comprehensive strategic partnership and maintain high performance, but also for the healthy development of the international and regional situation into a positive energy. This year was the signing of the Sino-Russian good-neighborly Treaty 15 years and the 20 anniversary of the establishment of the Sino-Russian strategic cooperative partnership, strategic and cooperative partnership established the strategic nature of Sino-Russian relations, treaties established between the generation concept. Both sides made significant strategic decisions in accordance with both countries and the fundamental interests of the two peoples, in line with the trend of the times.
XI Jinping stressed, China and Russia should strengthen mutual political support. Two sides to mutual support on issues concerning each other‘s core interests, continuously consolidate and deepen the political and strategic mutual trust. Russia is the world‘s major and emerging market countries, both sides should deepen pragmatic cooperation and interests, particularly between the dock and the development strategy of along the way construction building joint cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union, promoting greater regional economic cooperation to jointly respond to difficulties and challenges encountered in the development of the worldeconomy, and maintain the momentum of sustained and sound economic development of our two countries. In recent years, Sino-Russia cultural cooperation launched, national years and language years, year of tourism, youth friendly exchange year,Media Exchange year, the successful holding of national theme year activities, promoted the mutual understanding and traditional friendship between people.
XI pointed out that Russia maintains a common perimeter security, strengthen coordination on major international and regional issues and cooperation. In the Russian as United Nations Council permanent members and maintenance area and the world security stable of constructive power, to firm maintenance United Nations Charter purposes and principles, firm maintenance international relationship basic guidelines, firm maintenance global strategy balance and stable, firm maintenance international fair justice, insisted through friendly consultations and peace negotiations political solution national between differences and area hot problem, continues to is committed to building to cooperation total win for core of new international relationship, maintenance good world peace development.
Putin said the Russian and Chinese heads of State maintain regular contact will helppromote the bilateral comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. At present,Russia-China all-round relations have developed rapidly, and Exchange and cooperation mechanisms between the two Governments work efficient and fruitful in promoting bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation in wider areas play an important role.As a strategic partner, and Russia is willing to work with the Chinese side in their respective core interests and mutual understanding and support on issues of concern.Russia is in favour of strengthening co-operation in trade, energy, high technology,security and cultural cooperation in the field of support with the Silk Road, the construction of the economic zone of the Eurasian Economic Union joint cooperation. Russia and China share similar positions in dealing with international affairs, the two sides maintained close communication and coordination is necessary.
On international and regional issues of common interest on both sides had an in-depth exchange of views.
Together, the two heads of State hear the parties concerning cooperation in the Committee‘s work report. Sino-Russian investment cooperation Committee Chairman,Chairman of the Energy Committee, and Vice Premier of the State Council, Mr Zhang gaoli, Chairman of the Sino-Russia cultural cooperation Committee, Vice Premierof the State Council Liu yandong and Russian Prime Ministers regular meeting Committee, Chairman of the China Northeast China and Russia far East co-operation Council, Chairman of the Chinese State Council Vice Premier Wang, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi and the Russian Chairman of the Committee, Russian first Vice Premier Shuvalov, the Deputy Prime Minister Golodets, Dmitry Rogozin, Yuri trutnev, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov reported on bilateral cooperation in various fields have witnessed positive progress and associated work plan.
Talks Hou, two heads common signed has People’s Republic of China and Russian Federation joint People’s Republic of China President and Russian Federation President on strengthening global strategy stable of joint and People’s Republic of China President and Russian Federation President on collaboration advance information network space development of joint, and witness has trade, and diplomatic, and based facilities, and technology innovation, and agricultural, and financial, and energy, and media, and network, and sports, field more than 30 more items cooperation file of signed.
XI and Putin also met with reporters.
Director, Member of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Li zhanshu, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and other officials attendedthese activities.
Prior to the talks, XI Jinping in the square outside the East Gate of the held a welcome ceremony for Putin. Li zhanshu, Vice-Chairman of the national people’s Congress, Chen Zhu, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Vice CPPCC Chairman Chen Yuanand his party.

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