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Xi’an Environmental Protection Bureau officials for the achievements with cotton yarn blocking air sampler

The staff sneaked into the station several times, with cotton yarn jamming sampler, interference with air quality data collection

Environmental Chang’an Branch, monitoring station owners, deputy chief of staff, who were taken away by the police

The air sampler is a real-time monitoring of air quality, as the national straight tube Chang’an District monitoring station, without permission to enter any person. However, the main officials of Xi’an Environmental Protection Bureau Changan Branch for their own performance considerations, stolen with keys and remember the password, with cotton yarn plug sampler, resulting in abnormal data, causing the China Environmental Monitoring Station attention. Police investigators, the current personnel involved in custody in the detention center.

In April 2015, the national environmental monitoring work will be the scene of the news, air quality monitoring for the outstanding problems, the Ministry of Environmental Protection decided to use two years to carry out national air quality monitoring data special inspection.

October 21, 2016, Xi’an Environmental Protection Bureau, a staff member said that in this from the central to provincial and municipal requirements, cross-check, Xi’an Environmental Protection Bureau Chang’an District, ambient air automatic monitoring stations (hereinafter referred to Chang’an District, monitoring stations) even for data fraud.

Cotton yarn plug sampler

Monitoring data anomalies occurred several times

According to insiders, Chang’an District, the city’s monitoring stations for the two countries directly monitor one of the sub-stations, the monitoring data will be collected directly to the National Environmental Monitoring Station, if the data there is a greater impact of fraud.

The insider, as the national environmental protection department straight tube monitoring station, management is still relatively strict, and must not allow access to miscellaneous personnel. China Environmental Monitoring Station commissioned a company in Wuhan for maintenance, without permission, non-operation and maintenance staff shall not be allowed to enter.

In 2016 February, Chang’an District monitoring station back to the Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications South power roof, when the Xi’an Environmental Protection Bureau Chang’an District ambient air automatic monitoring stationmaster Lee, the use of monitoring stations to help relocation, debugging opportunities, privately Intercepted the monitoring station key and secretly recorded a monitoring station to monitor the computer password. Subsequently, a number of staff sneaked into the Chang’an District monitoring station, the use of cotton yarn plug sampler method, interference monitoring stations within the ambient air quality automatic monitoring system data collection function, resulting in automatic monitoring of the station data anomalies, affecting the country Normal operation of ambient air quality automatic monitoring system.

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