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Zhejiang fire foot bath shop: female boss at the helm when the incident is engaged in promotion

At 17:26 on February 5, located in Zhejiang Tiantai County Chicheng Street Chunxiao Garden 5 5-1 foot Xinchang foot bath center fire. Up to now, the fire has caused 18 people were killed and 18 were injured, including a serious injury. Local official notification, foot bath store has been controlled.

February 6, the cover news (thecover.cn) – Huaxi Dushi Bao from a number of familiar with the foot bath shop was informed that the neighbor, foot bath store is a middle-aged woman. The day of the incident, the foot bath shop is engaged in “18 yuan cheap feet, including a dinner,” the Spring Festival promotion.

The afternoon of February 6, cover news – Huaxi Dushi Bao reporters rushed to the scene, the roadside crowded with the crowd, from the Foot Hutang foot bath center has 50 meters away from the place has been raised cordon, the police even with 2 meters high color tarpaulin will be all the way to block the first end of the road.

Foot bath shop is the front of the Tiantai County tourism river and along the river road, backed by Chunxiao Garden residential area.

Can see through the tarp, foot bath shop in Chunxiao Garden 5-1 5, next to the vegetable market next to. The fire was extinguished, the door a messy, smoke blackened the upstairs facade. Chun Xiao Hua Yuan told reporters that the residents of the facade of the 1-2 storey foot shop for all business premises. Media reports, the fire of the fire area of ​​500 square meters.

“The foot bath shop is large, at least 10 years ago, is the largest Tiantai County foot bath shop, it is not.” Foot shop from a foot store near the boss told reporters that the foot bath shop, “eight or nine Room, each room is large, usually a good business. ”

“The specific number of employees, we are not sure, but certainly not less.” Another auto parts sales staff said that every day at noon to see the foot bath shop workers come out to eat, each time out in batches, each Batch at least three or four.

Stone store owner told the cover news – Huaxi Dushi Bao correspondent, the foot bath shop before several shareholders, the year before, the largest shareholder of the remaining shares of the total shares of women won, started a business. The second half of last year, foot bath shops to re-decoration. “We did not go into the foot bath, I heard the lowest price is 180 yuan before, as well as Khan steam and sauna.” He said.

The stone shop owner, then, has been confirmed by a number of shops near the boss. Chunxiao Garden area in front of the breakfast shop owner said the woman at the helm “50 years old from top to bottom, looks very capable, and very low-key.”

Another Yao, a resident, said the woman’s boss and her husband would do business, and her husband started singing in the local area in the 1990s. As for media reports, “female boss surnamed Li,” said the neighbors are not clear, usually with no communication.

February 5, after the fire, Tiantai County official several times, “the fire has caused 18 people were killed and 18 were injured, including one serious injury.”

Witnessed the fire Miss Kuang told the cover news – Huaxi Dushi Bao, the reason why there will be such a large casualties, in addition to the foot bath itself is more famous in the local itself, the main reason is that the foot bath shops doing promotions.

“In the afternoon, she and her husband, brother and sister-in-law several people drove to prepare to go near to eat, passing through the foot XinTang hall.” In the afternoon, , See the store is smoking, a number of men dressed in bath robes out the door.

Khan steaming in winter many people think, the smoke is not large, they did not care. Unexpectedly, the car parked near the vegetable market and then walk back, “that is a fraction of ten minutes, the fire has been great, and even stopped at the door of a white car are ignited.”

Ms. Kuang said that at that time, there are seven or eight people crowded in the window on the second floor door, it was thrown below some random clothes, at first two wearing purple uniforms foot shop female employees jumped down and jumped to fall, Half-day climb up. Then, behind several men also jumped down, “then I know, the day of foot bath shop promotional price, the highest is 56 yuan, the lowest was 18 yuan.”

Chunxiao Garden, who asked not to be named, told reporters that, in addition to low-cost, the day the foot bath shop also played a “package dinner” ads. One who had consulted the residents said that the foot bath shop dinner is ravioli and white sugar egg flowers.

Fortunately, when the time is after dinner, if not, the consequences may be more serious. “Yao, a resident told reporters that local people have the habit of winter steaming Khan, encountered such a low price, naturally will not let go.

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